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3D printers and Milling Machines

Milling and 3D Printing – what’s the difference?

Milling and 3D Printing

I am sure most of us are excited as you are – 3D printers ARE the way forward but the technology is not a new one. In fact milling machines paved the way although they are what is known as subtractive whilst a 3D printer for all intents and purposes is additive.

3D Printing and Milling Machines
Milling Machine

Why not combine 3D Printing and Milling?

Sign up and give us your thoughts either in the forums or as a reply to this shortened article. What we need to know is what your thoughts are, has it been done and thirdly and most importantly have you built one?

We welcome our Asian partners into this discussion – my own thoughts are that 3D printing is only part of a solution.


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