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Parts-ring was developed specifically for the techno-minded and we aim to add as many articles in these pages as possible which we hope will appeal to hobbyists, DIYers, engineers and professionals. We appeal to professional persons to add your company details into our list of services database so that the public can look you up whenever they may need assistance. The aim is to create a self-moderated website where subscribers can blog, comment, complain and congratulate. We would like this very much to become a portal for all persons and entities looking for parts.

We would also really appreciate companies that specialise in sourcing parts for potential buyers to advertise here. Please subscribe – your email and company details will automatically be listed and with the database search being pretty comprehensive I cannot see users having a problem in looking for parts advertised or for that matter getting more details on your company. Do refrain from from using pseudonyms in our database – it’s frustrating for the viewer and ourselves. We want this to be legitimate.



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