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Leaders or Managers – The New Era

Hi Folks

Merda Taurorum Animas Conturbit

There seems to be a whack of intelligence out there that focus on the MBA – management and leadership . Does this make you a leader, manager or an excellent politician? I write this article in a professional capacity and not to jest at those that are going through the hardship of aiming to get an MBA.

Let’s start at the very begining.

  • Did Napolean do a leadership course?
  • Did Adolf do a leadership course?
  • Did Stalin do a leadership course?

Sad to think that none of them did a leadership course. Maybe they should have.

Yet they were all leaders.

  • Winston Churchill didn’t do a leadership course.
  • Neither did Bush 1 and 2.
  • Neither di Bin Laden.

So what made them international leaders?

Gandhi was the only one that wanted peace. Bush 1 and 2 fought wars outside the country.

  • If I was an American I would believe in Bush.
  • If I was in politics I would believe in Gandhi.

Do you need an individual to do a university / doctoral degree to become a leader?

Leaders are not made – hardship is part of the understanding, the thesis to becoming a leader. Understanding your neighbour and not belittling his or her beliefs is part of becoming a leader.

Currently I am doing a thesis on Bullshit Baffles Brains.

Merda Taurorum Animas Conturbit

By the way, an MBA or Leadership course is something all professional people should consider but like a sign I read many years ago:  “This Little Town is Sure full of Arseholes” applies.

Don’t become an arsehole.

2 Replies to “Leaders or Managers – The New Era”

  1. Dear author

    Now what typifies a true leader?
    Have recently been following TV-documentaries on certain leaders and discovered they have some characteristics in common. Passion no doubt an indispensable one.
    I know, I know we have the good and bad ones but personally I think a true leader leads himself by being in balance and understanding that his (or her)own interest and emotions are inferior to her(or his)subordinates. A good leader serves others instead of using plump power (like Bush), a real leader experiences the ABILITY to lead as a spiritual assignment (Mahatma).

    Wish u happy scrawls for 2011!

    1. Hi MC

      Interesting … I agree full-heartedly. A book given to us at work was one called “The Servant”. Please get it. Sort of sums up what and who you are. So if you (not you 🙂 think you are a leader you may be wrong.
      That’s right, you are a servant. “A good leader serves others instead “, you wrote it MC. Mothers of children don’t know how often they get it right – often not the fathers. Makes one think whom the true leaders of this world are. That sort of sums up how I look at it. This book by the way was because the wife booked the so called “leader” into the Benedictine Monastery
      The Servant – A Book Summary29 Sep 2005 … This article is based on the following book: The Servant “A Simple Story About the True Essence of Leadership” By James C.
      In order to lead, you must serve. This is the solid
      premise of the book “The Servant” by James C. Hunter.
      It is discussed through the tale of John Daily, a
      business executive who starts to lose his grip as boss,
      husband, father, and coach. He was talked into going
      on a week-long retreat at a Benedictine Monastery to re-center and find his balance. During the retreat, a
      former Wall Street legend turned monk shows
      him a different perspective on leadership – servant leadership.

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