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Insanity Rules…..

Three things fascinate me 1) Top Gear and Cars 2) Music and more music and last but by no means least 3) my computer. We all know about cars, we all know about music and yes, we all love our computer. So I decided to write about something different: What to watch on TV?

Now that Idols is over in SA I find it hard to watch anything except CSI, Discovery and National Geo repeats and of course the crime channel. I should have been a psychologist. And the guy that decides whether we should have the death penalty. I love the idea of a death penalty. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. So many harp on the forgiveness angle, but alas, I’m not a forgiver. A lot of George Bush 1, 2 and 3 in me.  We only have one life and if we feel that it’s fair to kill an innocent then so you shall be killed. I just love the idea. I am not talking about war here, kiddo – I am talking about real life. Arrive in Taiwan and they have this wonderful banner up “Deal in drugs and face the Death Sentence”. Wonderful!

Go to Saudi, steal and have your eating hand cut off. Wonderful!  Right now in Sunny South Africa the killer has more rights than the victim.  Beautiful Brit tourist Anni Dewani was murdered in Cape Town recently because she and her husband decided to see the lights in Guguleto. (black township).  I believe Guguleto is not safe after visiting hours.   Hang on guys and girls – what right do you have to take another’s life because you like their car. Yes, there is more to this than meets the eye. What makes me seriously pissed is the attitude of our empathetic peers.  I really don’t give a fig about what gets said anymore – now, it’s time to start sorting out the human excrement from those that care. Right now we should stop looking for excuses. I believe with the new “super roadblocks” there’s going to be a lot more arrests and money to be made in fines. I wonder what the “super-cops” think of this. Yes, in SA and yes, Black, Coloured, Indian, Asian and White – we do have super cops.  Right now we are having road blocks.  Can you imagine the amount of money that’s going to be made.

Let me tell you guys something else,  a killer is not going to be caught in the super road block. This is a money making scam. Is a super roadblock going to bust the killer of beautiful Anni. NO! Why not, because we have allowed society to rot.  Scientists all burble amongst themselves because our freshwater is running dry, frogs are no longer to be seen and the earth is a non-green place. Have these same scientists also forgotten that in the 70’s we had an issue with population? NO! Have these same scientists seen how newly born are trashed like garbage because the mother (or father) did not know how to deal with it, whether on a psychological or financial level? NO!

Right now the “Super Roadblock” mentality sucks. Not because our crime busters could be something better with their time but because we need to start from the beginning. The Apartheid era is a long 16 years back and the “Struggle” as we know it is dead unless we are looking at avoiding a taxi collision or getting a place on a train or bus. Start from the very beginning.

Build jails (gaols) in the Karoo. Get water. Grow vegetables. Use the inmates.  High risk inmates can’t run far in the karoo. Killers get the death penalty.  Taxpayers are the most law abiding people in the world – note how nobody complains about paying tax these days yet we all complain about the wastage.  I may be wrong here but don’t  tax payers pay government and civil servant salaries. We stand down, we bow down, we are the humble servants of the goverment. What a lock af crock.

Personally speaking I believe that SA will be on the brink of a civil war if we don’t start looking first at the unruliness and secondly at our education. Our military is a joke. Our medical and health schemes are a joke. The SAPS get hammered by the media yet we do have some great officers that aren’t worth a damn if they don’t get the respect of either the public or the government.  (and media).

And where is this all leading to?  Let’s start looking at our own roots, at our behaviour which dictates the behaviour of our children, the fact that our humble empire is crashing down even though we are trying to lead SA. We kill the elephants, the lions, the buffalo for the sake of money. We really have no place on this earth until we realise we are here to serve one another – with a bit of humilty and respect.

I wrote this article because of the anger I feel towards the totally uncalled for death of Anni Dewani. And the millions of others that get murdered on a day to day basis in this country. A beautiful country indeed – but one marred by psychopaths, stupidity and greed. More so than a lot of other countries.

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  1. Dearest subscriber,

    First of all I would like to tell you that I am a regular reader of your blogs, they actually are a good indicator of the contempory conditions in SA.
    The efficiency of the current super road blocks in SA seems to provoke and frustrate you.
    SA must be subject to emergency measurements.
    To me this reeks of abuse of power and “Nazi-style”policy, if I may say so. Is SA yet to be transformed into a police-state?
    This must be slowly eroding your civil liberties.
    Now I am an amateur regarding your legal system, but let me reflect a little on ours.

    In our European country we have so many insane (over-)democratised laws and regulations,if you are a smart one and have studied these you can pass the loopholes and be a free man forever.
    But let me enlighten you on some details which may justify the ”general insanity “ here.

    In our “democratic” country we also deal with scum of course, and with an attractive souple legal system :). Often our country is betitled as a “paradise for the criminal”,even in foreign countries arrested criminals wish for a honest trial in “Pamper-country”. The perfect country to dwell long as you don’t perform legal labour :).
    Jailhouses here rock,in fact they rock so hard they are overcrowded. Cells are overrated by Michelin.
    So what is the result here?
    Lawyer-tricks, procedural errors, postponement of trials for need of further information, etc. No, not to forget early release for good behavior, the free occupational-therapy , mental coaching?
    Poilicemen are so caught up with paper- and administrative work, they have forgotten where they should be…(on the streets protecting us and catching up on other things..)

    In the long run I think it will be wise and safe to stay behind bars in our houses and let the “baddies “ play the wild card outside.
    Got to go..just heard there is a discount on a complete set of bars in the shop nearby.. 🙂
    Another option of course is to enroll in law school and become an expert.

    Wish you happy scribes and kindest regards!

    1. Hello MC
      Thanks for your input here regarding conditions in Europe. Sad to think we are in the same boat, to a degree. Recently I went to police Business Forum focussing on business owners and tenants where I work and was shocked by the lack of empathy. Four months ago I wrote to our local leader in parliament (for the Western Cape, South Africa), our town mayor (Cape Town) and minister of police (government) about lack of protection for my colleagues that take public transport where we work and I was impressed by their efficiency. Gone was my misconception of a country run by a ruly bunch of mobsters but of people that really care. Our lack of empathy doesn’t come from the police MC, it comes from the people themselves. The forum consisted of a presentation by the officers themselves which included a visit and presentation by a Lt Col. from the Hawks, our crime busting squad, similar to the FBI. The station commander I believe is an ex-prosecutor. He comes across as a very vibrant person – just like the rest of the officers that were present. But what amazed me was that only 9 people from the business sector pitched up. (Out of a possible 500 in our immediate area – 5 ladies whom presented their company but I wonder what decision making powers they had). Yes, people are busy but when it comes to crime in this country then we need to all drop our pens just once in a while and assist the police. There were only 3 security companies present. Do they represent everybody? No. Our own security company has never gone to a forum meeting. We pay them R20 000 per month (what’s that, about 2000 Euros?) – for two duty guards, 12 hour shifts. The guards get paid next to nothing so the rest is in the pocket. I doubt overheads are high because they seem to insist on foreign workers, which to a certain degree is feasible – they are better educated. More to the point, now I see police that are trying but due to the workload cannot, under any circumstances. meet the crime wave, whether petty theft or serious. Yes, we have the monkeys that paint a bad picture but the majority of our policing seems to be stable – except lack of public support.

      Our problem in South Africa as in comparison to the UK or Europe is one which I call grave or serious crime – where people get injured or killed. South Africa can be a safe haven if not gallivanting to obscure areas, like any country. We have a high level of unemployed, bad news for the crime busters – that’s a job for the government. I think Helen Zille our WP leader does a phenomenal job albeit under difficult circumstances. Even Brother Zuma whom is always under fire has made some inroad. We need to look at the impoverished, those that don’t see the light, whether it be not being able to afford a candle or a roof over their heads because I smell bigger problems in the near future – the unions have us by the scruff of the necks and there seems to be little that Joe Public can do about it. Or is there. We do nothing but complain. I’m not highly paid but yet our tax over a certain bracket is alomost 30% of our salary – where is the money going to? Our policing has improved but we need to stop this shit about employing black people just because they are black. We get the Apartheid (yes I’m white) drum beaten every time someone complains but yet I need this to be made known: We have some brilliant black police offiers and we have some dirty ones as well as white, coloured and Indian. We need to start selcting people on merit – not on colour. If your duty is crime then so you shall go to jail. If your duty is crime prevention then become a police officer. I think the policing services in this country are overworked because Joe Public are quick to complain but do nothing about it. Our media need to show a bit of discipline.
      As for the “Super Roadblocks” – this is the stupid mind at work – it creates the ambience of a government looking for soft targets. Going Police state – YES! Becoming a Police State – YES! Thirty years ago we had a phenomal police force, thirty years ago we had a phenomal military. Right now it’s in the hands of the public. The Super Roadblocks are either the result os a seriously well thought out plan or that of an idiotic scheme. Innocent people will bear the brunt of this – first time round watch someone miss an international flight due to the “SR” when on the way to a business meeting and watch the sueing and counter-sueing. Our CPA (Consumer Protection Act) kicks in March 2011 – it covers this. Government can be targetted.
      I take my hat off to the civil servants that do care, whether black, white … etc, etc, ad nauseam. Joe Soap and his fellow tax payers need to start improving matters by either voting in the right people or making their voice heard and by doing a little bit of work without looking at their bottom line. At present, it’s neither.

      I work with a lot of staff, of which a good percentage within operations feel threatened when taking public transport or living at home, mainly our Xhosa staff. I feel very, very sorry for them. They are good, hard-working, intelligent people. People that don’t know how to handle their day to day living and transport position or conditions. I feel it’s time we made ammends. Stop rattling the Apardheid drum and start working together. Our security companies, I recently just realised are in majority, a joke. Capitalising on people’s misfortune.

      Yes, MC, our prisons are overcrowded as well, according to a world statistics report it’s the worst. If we made people realise that a serious crime gets the death sentence then maybe, just maybe we get things right. We start with baby slaughter, wife bashing and rape. Soft to some but very, very serious crimes.

      Islam law has it’s advantages and in a lot of ways the Asians have it sorted.

      BTW – I apolgise for the Captcha – it’s a plug in and really horrendous. I’ll try to improve matters soon.

  2. Dear author

    Apologies about the error in my previous message. I should have adressed you as “author” instead of subscriber:)

  3. Dear author

    Many thanks for your response and clarification on this matter.Makes me see the SA conditions in a somewhat different perspective.

    Despite the complexity in your society, I believe concern and goodwill are present,an essential element to start off with!
    Yet a pity about the nonchalance, disinterest and non-cooperation as well, which throws the spanner in the works. A recognizable mentality that needs to be quelled..

    Maybe public awareness could help get that safety-wheel spinning. I agree you need the media and authorities to back this up.. Society begins with yourself after all, a slogan some people seem to forget.
    Our police-force is one of the stable kind too, except bureaucracy sucks them up. The majority of the mill-hand work in the “overhead”. Of course I can’t parallel your crimes with ours,but have to say we do major in “national” vandalism about 61%, due to the latest ethnic variety and changing social-economic backgrounds.

    Better not introduce you into our world of taxes 🙂 (btw 33% income tax of a modal salary) and save you a straight knock out. But I am a little bit impressed with our health-system which is actually analized as possible model for the US. To create a good care level is another responsibility of the authorities, it is an indispensable aspect regarding the crime-prevention as well..

    Last but not least, I could so not agree with you more about your comment on the mental and physical abuse…- encounter this on a daily basis at work, regrettably -…there is no worse crime, it is a disgusting one and often underestimated, but requiring the hardest approach…

    But alas easier said then done..

    Sincere regards,


    Btw..the Captcha needs serious updating 🙂

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