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Idols – The Last Chapter.

Who said that Idols was a quick way to make money? Elvis split his winnings with Lloyd after winning the title. I would have been quite happy if they had split the title as well – deserved winners both of them.  I think Jan Hoogendyk’s rendition of “Things my Father Said” was absolutely brilliant – a fitting end to the competition. While L’loyd didn’t get number one spot he was a brilliant number two. I voted in Boki as number two only because L’loydhas his audience and is going to make his money, tons of it.  Both singers (Elvis and L’loyd) appeal to a wide spectrum of people – one of my colleagues at work said that Elvis sounded too much like a rock n roll artist – too much like Bryan Adams.  And that sort of sums it up. Bryan Adams is a humanitarian, unselfish and apparently a very nice guy. Sound familiar? I hope so.  Every one of my friends reckoned Elvis was going to take it. From the beginning I hoped he would take it. I vote with my brain and not my heart. Elvis was polished in his auditions,  L’loyd lacked professionalism, but only at the early stages.  But how that changed.  L’loyd is possibly the best number two in SA Idols.  No, make that best number one in second spot. He has tremendous appeal and f**k that guy has an incredible voice.

I listened to Kurt Nilsen yesterday – crib from You Tube – I thought it was disgusting how the judges ripped off his looks but I’m sure they all made a packet out of this guy. Donno what happened to him, sounds like an Idols phenomena. Watched Sasha Lee and Jody a week ago and thought how incredibly they had matured. Jody is still one of my favourites. Hot! Hot! Hot!

Back to L’loyd and and Elvis – best duo we have ever produced and best all rounders. Great to see such accomplished musicians on stage – even more so that they can actually play musical instruments.  What is even more amazing that the teen set voted in these guys – they’re both married. And both are fathers. Makes one wonder. Because you see, some Idols become number one and jump out of the closet and all their fans (females) lose interest. Not here, maybe because they were truly meant to be.

Me, I’m gonna buy Sindi, L’loyd’s and Elvis’s albums. I loved the top ten – the females were gorgeous and hugely talented, the guys were unbelievable and I just loved Bongi. This guy has more enthusiasm than some porn stars.

This week-end we had some of the best Afrikaans musicians (in SA) playing at one of the local schools in Cape Town. (that city by the mountain). I can kick myself because I didn’t go – was Adeline there? Besides the gripes about Adeliné’s “Purple Rain” version I thought she was absolutely stunning. Sexy as Britt Ekland in the ’70s and a voice to boot. Steve Hofmeyr style music is not my cup of tea but after watching him on Idols I realised what a charismatic man he is.  Steve also sang at the final and wonder of wonders he really is actually very good. No more prejudice from me, Steve.  To get Kahn Morbee (The Parlotones), HHP, Loyiso Bala, Zolani Mahola (Freshlyground) and Steve Hofmeyr all to appear at the auditions and later appearances, although copycat of the USA Idols really added credibility.  I watched Idols at home with some female friends of my wife and they were dropping their ovaries all over the place.  And I thought Kahn was gay!

Where to from here?

Sindi should stick to ball gowns. Those wee dresses made me reach for my blood pressure pills. Adeline, if I was a thousand years younger. Gail, that gorgeous cheerleader and the rest of the girls, we’ll miss you. But now we are in a man’s world. Both Jan/Elvis and L’loyd/Seal need to become more visible than previous Idols. Elvis is a professional musician so hopefully he won’t take up sowing in the next few months. L’loyd must pack away Adobe and do the circuit.

I have a sneaky suspicion this year’s Idol or should I say Idols are going to become more successful than previous years.  I also know that this time round we have a phenomenal top ten and for the first time ever it’s going to be a race to the real polls – who becomes the hottest property in our local and international music stakes.

News Flash

Interesting to see that my friend Mara Louw being quoted as saying that Idols voters are racist and that L’loyd was the better singer. I wonder if this was taken out of context. What do we think?

I agree with Mara that L’loyd is the better singer – for people that like that style of singing, if this is the appropriate phrase. I love Beyonce but I have friends that switch the TV off when she comes on. I have a coloured friend whom loves Rock n Roll and abhors jazz and the blues.  Is Bono a good singer? Would there be a mass turnout of black audience to the U2 360 Degree concert in SA next year. I don’t like all of Stevie Wonder’s music but I think Percy Sledge is brilliant.  I thought Zolani Mahola was a European singer, as in white singer, when I first heard “I Like”. I love this lady – she’s gorgeous and has a lovely voice – you can hear every word, every syllable – but she’s an African lady (as in black). I’m a white South African. When I first heard Elvis Blue at the auditions he got my vote. South Africans are not racist when they voted in Elvis – why vote twice – one for Elvis and one for L’loyd, yet they are both brilliant. I do recall Elvis thanking everyone for their votes. That gets my vote.  Nothing like knowing why you are there in the first place.

Both L’loyd and Elvis deserved to be up there but alas, it was the first auditions that made their mark. Think of previous Idols. I liked Ayanda but she was voted off. Where is she now?  Anke got my vote from the very beginning. Where is she now? Jody and Sasha are both making positive moves in their chosen career – I think Jody is incredible (Oh, if I was only a thousand years younger), Sasha Lee is beautiful but Jason has more Idols appeal, my wife is crazy about Brandon October (the roving crotch),  I didn’t like Karen Kortje but she has an incredible voice and a bad taste in boyfriends.

Me, if I could have selected two winners to share number one spot, you know the answer. If Elvis had painted his face black and L’loyd, white, I would still have voted for Elvis. There can only be one winner.

There were lots of white voters for L’loyd and lots of black voters for Elvis.  Either Mara was stated out of context or she is forgetting that more voters means more album sales. Not always the case, but who cares. Two things for certain is that both Elvis and”L’loyd are now public property and the media made lots of money.

Mara is controversial that’s why I love her.

Now what’s on telly tonight?


Siyabonga White

3 Replies to “Idols – The Last Chapter.”

  1. ‘Lo Broer
    I’m a 26 year old black male and unlike some of my erstwhile freinds and colleagues I love rock n’roll. Jimi Hendrix, was it? Best guitarist this world has ever known. Fuck those that think they know music because they apply bias to their taste – I think Celine Dion is shit but who listens to her music when clubbing? I think Elvis rocked from beginning to end – he may not have the same singing talent as Loyd but he got his fanbase up and running before Mara could shout ‘Racist’. Loyd and Elvis should not become complacent now – out of the judges it’s only Randall that makes sense. And the celeb judges. Fuck the racist media hype – we have two people here that will make the world rock. Also, I don’t agree with what I have read here, Loyd is the one that’s going to go places – the guy is determined to win at all costs. Notice the unibrow. If he had one.

  2. You obviously have never had the privilege of meeting Kahn Morbee or you would never have thought that.

  3. Ummm, interesting tale here. I know Khan, thought this was written tongue in cheek. Fana, good one buddy – both of our Idols 1 and 2 deserve to be there. I no longer club but still have the ability to listen to music – I’d like to hear these two guys gig together. Different styles but they connect somehow. Like Bono and Mary.

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