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Idols – Round number four

Last week end viewers  had the pleasure of seeing our wannabe idols doing Michael Jackson numbers – and it was Thrilling to say the least. I don’t agree with Deadpan Randall’s verdict on Elvis Blue sounding the same week in and week out – Michael Jackson was a one off, his songs can’t be copied, they can’t be made your own (well Lloyd did mind you) – bottom line, all the entrants were stunning. Jess never made it to the next round which is a pity because now they have the opportunity to play their own and a DJ’s choice. I think the top 14 would have all been very good this evening.  So how are we looking so far? Pieter West has obviously got some very stong support in Bloem.  He hasn’t passed his sell by date by a long way but I think over the next two weeks we’ll see him possibly leave the arena to make his own mark in South African music, albeit a Chad clone. But remember kind reader that Nickleback is currently the most copied group in the world. Even the critics don’t like them. Do they sell though? For a group that was going to tour SA two years back they must have an enormous following. I’m a fan myself so Pieter gets my vote.  

Adeline was gorgeous last week – the visuals were possibly the best part of her appearance but again here is a chick that blows me away every week.  The question is, can she compete with the rest of the clan. I certainly think so, she is very sexy, has herds of talent but, here is a big but, if she had to win what would the eventual outcome be. There is no doubt in my mind that the guys out there are not only voting for her looks but her voice as well but I worry that she may go the same way as many of our bretheren:  Local pop.  This is where the problem steps in, gorgeous girl, lovely voice but crappy songs ços it’s going to be written for her and that means local fare, not that it’s a bad thing if you have the experience of the Parlotones, Just Jinjer or Prime Circle. Rememebr that first song by Anke – what a load of old kak. I voted for her all the way through and she plays the cheesiest piece of crap written for an idol. (Silver Lining). She is still one of my favourites though :-).

Boki – now here is a guy that is moving up in rating.  No details here except to say that I see that the robot is green and the music police love him.  Is Boki a world idol or just another South African artist?  You know, when fame hits certain people they change and Boki strikes me as being someone that may have to very careful of his image. Arrogance is a killer. Boki is showing a little bit of the other him and he will have to be very, very careful here. Our African (I talk of Xhosa, Zulu, Sotho, etc) people thought that Bongi was a show-off. Be careful here Boki, you have tremendous appeal and can may very well win this thing but I note that black culture is a lot less tolerant of arrogance than the other cultures. 

Lloyd still selects his songs well and his performance was the best last week-end.  He seems such a humble guy – I’m sure if he had to win Idols he would prove to be extremely popular. And maybe, just maybe, after his last performance he has the makings of a world idol. I always picture the music companies lighting up their cigars when I hear some of the starts performing and last week’s performance was no different except the Johhny Blue would have been pulled out of the cupboard. Remarkable perfromance indeed.

And for my personal favourite next to Elvis comes Sindi. Now why Sindi before Lloyd and Boki?  It’s always first appearances. I think the Steve Hofmeyer rip off of the wig is an interesting token. I think the fact that the judges love her to pieces. The fact that she has no problem in covering up song “slips”, the fact that she is so damned adorable. Yep, I’m a fat, middle aged white slob but I love this kid to pieces. The real reason – I see this youngster appealing to an age spectrum where it counts – money. Sindi will prove to be a money magnet. Let’s just hope her maturity can handle this.  Lloyd and Elvis won’t have a problem in this score, neither Adeline. Pieter – well he is very new to this and lets give the devil his due. If he does go off the rails it’s acceptable.

And once again we have old Elvis in the spotlight. Randall didn’t like his last perfomance, I thought it was great.  Ever wondered why so many teens and twenty year olds switch to the old music and here I’m not just talking about the 80’s, I’m talking about genuine rock, underground and any non-commercial entity. I’m thinking that this is possibly one of the greatest line-ups we have had in our idols competition. Whomever takes the title is going to be a deserved winner. In three weeks time we are going to see some interesting changes but as one young lady said on Facebook – they must get their fanbase right. So true.  Bongi should not have left us so early but he isn’t out.  Tonight’s performance is going to tell us a lot about what happens next, believe me.

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