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Idols Jukebox – select your winner here.

Tonight South African Idols brings you a pretty neat roundup of music. No doubt selected for our top ten’s particular style it’s going to be an interesting ride. Jess and lloyd are going to rock tonight. They should all rock though.  It’s the first time ever that I can honestly say I’d buy any of these guys albums if they were available right now.  I’ve never been able to single out more than three wannabes in any line up of ten – this time it’s the entire clan. Something that I picked up were the words of wisdom from our show’s judges and this relates to the singer needing to understand the song.  With a line up of many professional musicians I think this is one of the reasons that we have such a pool of talent currently.  Adeline has the beauty to have the judges gawking  but has she got what it takes as the stakes get higher? The dark horse here either seems to be playing a tactical game or is very good with song choices. Tonight is no different.

  • Adeline Mocke “Purple Rain” (Prince) – Very good choice for this gorgeous Capetonian. For me it’s going to have to be a brilliant performance though – popular song with all age groups I have no fear that Adeline is going to excel.
  • Boki Ntsime “Use Somebody” (Kings of Leon) – I love the Kings of Leon and in particular, this song. Good song choice for this guy but not an easy one to perform. I would have loved to hear “Sex on Fire” though. Damn!
  • Bongi Mthombeni “It’s My Life” (Bon Jovi) – Wow! This is a difficult one. If Bongi pulls this off he will be around for quite a while. I think he will pull it off though. Colourful and charasmatic don’t only listen to himj. Watch the passion. Ummm, I see a lot of our black african viewer audience don’t like this guy because they find him irritating.  Irritating with loads of talent. Nothing wrong with a 23 year old that loves himself. It’s what makes this show so exciting.
  • Elvis Blue “Play That Funky Music” (Wild Cherry) – I don’t know whether this is a wise choice. This must have taken a lot of guts unless he really knows this song inside out. Elvis is obviously very talented and has a huge following. I think his humility is his strength.  From what I have read, popular opinion amongst all the people of RSA is that he will be in the top five, maybe top three. I hope so. As you may gather – my money is on him winning this series.  And this show is full of surprises.
  • Gail Nkoane “Please Don’t Leave Me” (P!nk) – I’m indifferent here. This may be the big surprise of the evening. I cannot quite fathom out this honey, there’s no denying she has talent and is extremely bright but this is a BIG song choice. But you know what, I think she may just do this song justice. Well I hope so anyway.  Hope she also sings this with her top off.
  • Jamie-Lee Saxton  “Light My Fire” (The Doors) – This may be the second surprise of the evening. I really don’t know. She was placed bottom three in the last selection. I like this girl – her singing career is going to blossom no matter what position she ends in but not because of this song choice. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. So will Jim.
  • Jess Yallup “Zombie” (The Cranberries) – Jess will pull this off. She’s made for this song. And no doubt has had plenty of practice. Which may not be a good thing either (technically brilliant but loses herself in the song).
  • Llyod Cele “Beautiful Day” (U2) – Strategic choice, clever move. Suits his voice. This is going to push him to number one. 
  • Pieter West “Won’t Go Home Without You” (Maroon 5) – I’m not a big Maroon 5 fan only because I find the singer rather monotonous or maybe it’s Adam Levine’s vocal range. As this group has a huge following in SA I’d say he has made a wise choice – he can make this song his own or Chad Kroegers. Should have gone with a Hootie and the Blowfish number. I’ll buy this guys albums though – I’m a big Nickleback fan. And Pieter West’s, the cowboy accountant from Bloefontein. BTW – you may be surprised to learn that he has a huge following with the black community. Shows you,  we have genuine music lovers that don’t vote along racial lines.
  • Sindi Nene “I Kissed A Girl” (Katy Perry).  I like Katy Perry because she is damned sexy.  I like Sindi because she is petite and has this huge, beautiful voice.  I think this is the wrong song choice for me but maybe not for the 18 year olds.  If Sindi can play it like only Sindi can she may just pull a few votes. This may be a strategic move however.  Unfortunately I don’t think it is.   In any event, Sindi gets my vote – she will remain an idol long after the show has gone.  Sindi made bottom three in the top 7 of 14. I hope she does not go away. (P.S. I’d love to know who Steve Hofmeyer is voting for).

So besides for the song by Katy Perry which is just a little bit too commercial for my tastebuds we have this fantastic line up. If Gail does P!nk the way Gail canI vote for her. I think Lloyd and Bongi are going to do it tonight though.

Tuesday night we’ll find out where the votes went. If I had my way I’d halt the show right now and make them all number one. I think Mara would too.

I wanted to list these songs in order of preference (my preference, my opinion) but I just could not do it.  When I hear the music I see the bands playing –  Kings of Leon, Bon Jovi, Prince, Cranberries, The Doors, U2, Maroon 5, Katy Perry, Wild Cherry, Prince.  Each and everyone of them absolutely brilliant in their own way. Just like our current idols line-up.

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