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Yes, I have made mistakes in my profession (electronic repairs), some of them big, some of them small but the bottom line is that we are here to learn, albeit at cost to the consumer, very sadly. I no longer work in this industry (electronic repairs) because my day job involves me to relate and speak to people, my own staff. How easy is that? Very difficult! Much more difficult possibly than fixing a broken television set, radar or maybe even replacing a fuse. People aren’t all balanced – ask any owner of a business, wife, father, mother, daughter or son. As a business owner we need to elaborate on what our needs are when it comes down to our business, consumer behaviour and how one can provide the best service without either breaking the bank or losing business volume. Tried to start a business from fresh? Tried to get customer support? Tried to get banking favour? It is not easy and neither will a bank readily loan any money to you if you don’t have it already. Trust me on this!  What I propose is getting our act together – you register your business with us, you add your details to the database, you have nothing to lose EXCEPT your integrity if you are a con artist or running a scam. As a business owner, marketer, service provider, agent, whatever, you owe the end result, your goals to the success of your business to satisfied customers and this comes from hard work.


What can we do for you?

Hard work is not something you want to do when you are eager to make a quick dollar. We do not want a pilot project involving millions of dollars with one hours work per day thrown at our door. We want to see a network of lateral thinking, clever and industrious people joining our club – exchange your ideas about green power, exchange your ideas about giving incentives to staff that are willing and capable of thinking out of the box, build stuff, make stuff, swap stuff, buy stuff, sell stuff but don’t steal stuff.  Right now we have a shortage of a one stop website that can offer this – ideas, parts and diagrams.  We have a community building network, we have a community forum and we have a database which offers you the opportunity to add your company details, manufacturer contacts and anybody you really want to complain to.

We also offer, most importantly a list of companies whom the consumer can contact when the need arises, whether plumbing, electrical or plumbing repair, a list of manufacturers whom the consumer can complain to and when the going gets tough – contact the webmaster if you are a consumer. We will put out a newsflash covering bogus and scam companies, we will also give you details of the person to contact in your home country designated to cover consumer protection. We will also advertise all the naughty business owners. Do you have any? Do you have even one? Tell us your issues with these companies and we will resolve it.

 What can we do for you as a consumer?

  • Read the Terms and Conditions of this website.
  • Browse through our subscriber database and select someone in your area to fulfill your needs, i.e. plumbing electrical or building.
  • Subscribers should furnish all their details – cell phone** numbers are not always adequate.
  • **Distance yourself from seeing only contact details substantiated only be a cell phone number. Yes there are many businesses that cut down costs by not working from premises and may do in fact not need premises – get details and the address of the proprietor before making a commitment.
  • Use our cassifieds.
  • Use our community website – link up and ask.

Yours in the name of Service.

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