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Gadgets - the game changing ECC83 dual triode

Gadgets for 2015

Gadgets – further exploration needed

Forget about gadgets for men, forget about gizmos for women, or kids for that matter – how about some wizardry for dogs?

One that caught our eye was the Dual Doggie Pet Leash found on Amazon for about $35.  I have tried the two leashes in one hand trick but it didn’t work. Interesting to see this one in action. The canine shower stall is another interesting take in getting your pooch all clean and fresh. Of course there are many GPS trackers out there, I do believe that it is better than just chipping your extended family member. The Tagg GPS Tracker is sure to be a winner.

Gadgets - the game changing ECC83 dual triode
Not just a gadget – ECC83 Dual triode game changer. Photo credit – ScAvenger

Parrots are amazing aren’t they? Highly intelligent, they move into our hearts and souls faster than a hot knife through butter. Conures are the most beautiful of the bunch. Until you have one at home and realise that there is no off switch. Bird lover be warned, they make a noise. However, on to better things – we just love the poop-pouch, diaper or more fancy Flightsuit. Possibly a design around the units built for astronauts? Flightsuits also come with Flatliners, which looks like and is a pad.

Apple, Intel, Windows and Google gadgets

But enough about animals, humans love gizmos, electronic gizmos. In testament to this, my watch has failed and now I just use the iPhone. It is believed that watches are so ‘out’, smart phones are in. Tell that to Apple and THE watch – release date about now…. (from Apple, at Apple go here).


From Froyo to KitKat, now we have Lollipop, version 5 of Google’s Android currently in Beta.

Microsoft, not to be outdone are beaming in version 10 of their Windows platform – version 10 is a free upgrade to all users that have purchased 8, 8 or 8.1 over the last year.

The Intel® Compute Stick – things are just getting smaller. Interesting fact, modern technology makes things so much smaller. But the monitor sizes must be bigger, every year the bar goes up one inch. Oh yes, comes with Linux or W8.1.

Chinese motorcycle parts, spares and accessories. Manufacturers have promised even a bigger supply of everything which may not fit your bike. Over 6 million hits on Google and counting.

Wonderful free energy at our fingertips. Here is a device by a German student which harvests energy off the grid without even tapping into it. What makes this even more interesting is that the crystal diode detector was discovered five thousand years ago by the Greeks. Actually, one of my all time favourites, old Nikola was on top of this in 1901 already. See Nikola’s patent.

Although we are well aware that scientists have built driverless cars and this by 2020 may well be mainstream for a few hundred thousand dollars, the electric tram or train could teach us a few things. If planes can do it, my money is on drones. Faster, cheaper and hopefully collision free.

Yes, the phone takes wonderful shots of the landscape and of your latest party, much which makes its way onto Facebook but the clear winners are always cameras which are designed to be just that, a camera. Canon’s Powershot G1X Mark II is just one of those. The Nikon D5300 is another one to add to your wishlist. Drool on.


Lord of the Rings – forget about smart rings – point a ring at the screen to change channels, communicate furtively with a girlfriend in your wife’s presence and switch off the lights. Gimmick or gadget?

Emiota’s Belty is more in our line – a belt that automatically resizes to make the user more comfortable during the hamburger eating contest. There is no shame in that!

The Consumer Electronics Show is held in Shanghai during May – maybe we will see you there. How about seeing something a little more original like a computer which cannot be hacked, a car which cannot be stolen, headphones which won’t blow your ears off, sound systems for cars which limit SPL to safe levels and an intelligent monitoring system for CCTV surveillance.

Out of the thousands of gadgets seen at the CES next year in Las Vegas or the Shanghai CES the winner will be a device which can keep a conure quiet.







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