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Samsung acquires Harman-Kardon

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      Frankly, I was surprised. This all American company been swallowed up by the South Koreans I would not have thought as being conceivable. But this kind of thing happens all the time. Possibly not something which should be in a forums section of a website, it is certainly debatable. The question I ask is, “what now?”.

      It is questionable and rather debatable that JBL make the best speaker systems or arrays, likewise Harman-Kardon or Crown audio. Will Samsung do the same as what Sony did to Aiwa? Recently I saw a JVC audio system which had all the bells and whistles of a ghetto blaster. Sorry, this is what Sony did and I think to make sales this cheapened the brand. Wasn’t Sony once a mini-empire? Samsung is believed to be using this acquisition to elevate a hold on the automobile industry, driverless cars and audio.

      Samsung is a world leader in component manufacture. I believe what we see the South Koreans doing is what China is already doing and they will become the next electronics super-power, copycat or not. Samsung have an exceptionally good track record, a little bit of Apple, brilliant minds and know how to compete with the west. By the west I mean, wholly, the United States.

      There is now a class action lawsuit taking place between stakeholders or HK and Samsung, the shareholders do not believe that the takeover was entirely transparent.

      Lucky Goldstar, the famous LG Electronics brand have lost a lot of traction in this space yet they still remain a very effective manufacturer albeit a little brother.

      Intel is losing traction to Samsung. It is believed that this year (2017) they will be a step ahead. The cell phone market and memory prices and of course the Exynos chipset (ARM) is putting pressure on Intel. Intel took over from NEC nearly thirty ears ago and did not look back. Until now. This is an ever changing industry – just as Microsoft never saw Netscape and Mosaic coming, and this being public knowledge possibly Intel should have bought out ARM when they had the opportunity to do so.

      I don’t like the idea of the Samsung acquisition of Harman-Kardon but I don’t hear the USA crying. I find this odd.

      Samsung are big into IoT. If they master this they will be king (or queen). It’s certainly heading this way.

      What’s your view?

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