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      Whilst eBay is great for most people living in first world countries the shipping charges to South Africa, Brazil or India can be exorbitant.  This also stifles growth of the small entrepreneur.  China as a whole plays a very important role in this field through Alibaba and AliExpress. Affordable, excellent back up through mostly through very professional resale network.

      In the electronics sector there are many horrific stories of buyers receiving counterfeit products.  Often the resellers are not engaged in this practice and are unaware that what they may be buying and selling does not conform to original spec, even worse, just dud units.  The reseller often gets a bad rap without it being justified. Here the buyer needs to be cautious.

      Texas Instruments has an excellent program in place where the buyer can often get a sample of the product.  This, for the small time operator is an excellent way to get into application design – and through a first class company.

      We ask our readers to please use these pages – looking for a Volvo headlight, an obscure Germanium transistor or diode, a part for a tractor or old outboard engine?  In time we will have the solution for you.

      The Parts-Ring, Online Parts International is a mature website, been around for about seven years, starting with ad-hoc articles about electronics, gadgets and automobiles and – we now need to make it work for you. Please feel free to write to the webmaster @ or info @ or add to the forum ideas you may have to improve the website.


      The Parts-Ring Team

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