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      As this website is maintained in South Africa I must add that we do have some exceptional electronic stores for the hobbyist and companies which core business is focused on car owners. Often, like anywhere else, manufacturer pricing is highly dubious once the dealership control the prices. Many years ago I had a Suzuki 550 and when trying to purchase pistons the second hand motorcycle dealer gave me a price of one piston which cost more than four in the US. When I queried the price the counter attendant, an arsehole of note, told me that if I want o buy cheap, parts came at a price. Why in the USA where the income per capita is so much higher than in RSA must the prices also be so much cheaper? Needless to say I eventually gave the bike away.

      In South Africa I do believe that the hub for auto spares is in Gauteng. Any auto, be it motorcycles, cars, quads, scooters. The problem is we need to hunt for these spares. Over the next month this website will be changes to cater for the buyer – the person looking for a specific product. Who knows what may be lurking in Grandpa’s garage, at the pawn shop in Jeppestown, the flea market? Co-incidentally a colleague picked up 10 EL34 radio valves at a flea market a while back for R100.00. They were brand new. Enough to make any audiophiles stomach churn.

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