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      Currently, unknown to possibly many first world inhabitants, Africa has taken a very positive approach to the IT industry and one of the front-runners is Egypt which has a very sophisticated IT infrastructure. South Africa, with MTN, Vodacom, Telkom and Cell C (and many others) leads in many ways and in some cases, better than many first world countries. Costing is still prohibitive through, along with the likes of DSTV Multichoice, the non-rivalled satellite entertainment service provider.

      Zimbabwe as we know, has gone through some pretty tumultuous times under their present regime. The one thing that their leader got right though is pushing for greater education, something to which he is no stranger to. The high number of educated refugees seeking better pastures in the Republic of South Africa, people often with a better education than South Africans is a fact. Many of them come over with advanced electronics courses and qualifications under their belt and are prepared to work for R 5000.00 per month (U$400.00). One hopes for better days in Zimbabwe, once one of the most beautiful countries one could visit along with their friendly folk. But just how much does Zim have to offer their inhabitants intent on following an electronics career. Electronics is a science; tangible, theoretical and always open for debate. Electronics can be learnt at any age but it is a passion – youngsters at school should be taught electronics in high school, adjacent to computer science.

      But just how accessible are the component suppliers? Some of the best electronic engineers come from Iraq. What stops Zimbabwe? Ghana has some of top software engineers.

      For kids with curious minds wanting to get into an electronics career just how accessible is this industry to them in a country like Zimbabwe?

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