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    Analogue is not dead and gone. It’s a thriving industry driven by thriving enthusiasts. A common problem as picked up on our sister website Analog Ian is that many DIYers are not just home tinkerers, they are extremely professional in their endeavours. The biggest obstruct is always around the cosmetic finish. This is not a new problem, indeed a problem over the decades. How to get the professional finish. I’ll speak from experience in South Africa. Aluminium cases/chassis, good quality knobs, good looking VU meters and even metal workers found locally. Much of this can be found on eBay not necessarily where one lives. This should be a thriving industry – it’s not. And of course if you build from home and want to resell this can be a deal breaker – cosmetic appearance is everything. Would love Asian exporters to contact us. And yes, a very large following of effects boards for synth.

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