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We have been battling on for ages to get a forum which carries the same login for the word press framework as well as the theme. The bridgedd plugin by Dion Designs seems to do the job and encompasses any problems we had with prior bridges and themes. We have now once again gone back to the popular phpBB board. Hopefully our readers will enjoy and use.

As with any board there is a core function, bringing people together with common purpose. In our case it is to assist readers to find good quality parts at a reasonable value.  Please abide by the rules and be careful of copyright infringement. Parts-ring will not be held accountable for the quality of files transferred through this service. Malware is rife – make sure you use a good quality scanning tool like Malware Bytes or SpyBot along with antivirus software.

Online Parts International also has a commercial ads section called Tradestuff. Feel free to use and advertise.  Along with Tradestuff commercial users can advertise their company under business registration. Take note that one needs to be registered first. Registered business can be found under a general search box as well as one which is criteria specific.

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Online Parts International Forum

Please register here to comment on the parts-ring website or log in to the board.

Go to the parts-ring board here if you have already registered. Please re- login. Let us know if you need anything added, deleted, grant permissions etc. The entire board is more or less self-moderating so please refrain from breaking rules.

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