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Where to find obscure Auto Parts

Where to find Obscure Auto Parts – an unmapped treasure island

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If other people are as curious as me you would be wondering why the landfills are full of unrecycleable junk but yet stuff made eons ago have disappeared into the ether – stuff that could be recycled. Is that the problem – we only keep stuff that can be recycled or its been recycled already.  Old ships made into razer blades and cutlery. Model Ts converted into shifting spanners and Gedore tool sets. Classic prints turned into comics. Its all really obvious really.

obscure auto parts
Unmapped auto parts – the real Treasure Island

In the hunt to find obscure parts for an old motorcycle you may notice that that the most common solution is to make it yourself from ready made off the shelf parts or to just keep looking for the original. Obscure auto parts may mean Vintage which means value but vintage collectors have their own source of parts – other vintage collectors. Why should a derelict, piece of scrap motorcycle which was manufactured in the 70s cost more than the new article of that era? Why indeed.  Why should certain parts of the world – the USA without a doubt offer more replacement parts and better service than most other countries at a better rate always than your current location?


Some tips when looking for hard to locate and/or obscure auto parts: eHow – see here….

Obscure Auto Parts – treasure hunt or time waste…

The local TV channels nowadays are full of treasure hunters – possibly that is part of the problem. Some people know the value, some don’t. I will not pay 2 000 dollars for the rusted frame and damaged engine of a 1970s era Honda 550 in my home country. I recently came across an advertisement for a running condition Nissan 1400cc 1990 pickup going for 4,500 U$D. Here’s the thing – an Isuzu 3.2l V6 was going for 4,000 U$D. 15 years ago we could pick up a 1000cc CBX for 1,200 US. In excellent condition. Now, 3,000U$D – in what condition, beneath the polished exterior one would never know. The problem with getting hold of obscure auto parts to complete your vintage vehicle or motorcycle is just that – they are no longer common so one needs to use other methods to find the part – especially if you are not part of a club or don’t know of anyone that may be a collector or seller. Advertise your problem then!

Ripping people off without a conscience

The value that certain people place on absolutely useless and valueless articles is not surprising. Anything that has an inkling of sentiment seems to either bring out the hoarder in us or we simply become greedy. One thing that you may find surprising is that genuine collectors don’t rip people off – if they know it’s going to a good home. The forums are full of enthusiasts virtually giving away parts to equally enthusiastic collectors. Not art or furniture – mechanical and electronic stuff. There are also buyers that buy in job lots – I had the privilege of knowing someone years back doing just that. He was not all that tech savvy, purchasing in television chassis you need to be but I found him friendly and very helpful. This paid off in spades – one chassis could be paid for in one simple repair. Sometimes the CRT was still in 100% condition. I liked dealing with him and I am sure there are many such buyers around the globe. How to get in touch with them – advertise here.

Obscure auto parts – is there a honeypot?

The road here is forked. Collectors and DIYers. Obscure and common. Expensive and cheap. A friend of mine owned a workshop which catered for the old Leyland Mini (Cooper). He had a lot of parts. A club phoned him one day, interested in the distributors for these vehicles. He overpriced the lot, not deliberately – he saw a demand but never made the sale. Enthusiasts know more about pricing than anyone else in their field. Use the sale to make some leads and your experience and passion to keep these leads. Break the chain and you may have a problem winning trust.

The human is more trusting of a person giving technical support than a salesman. This is where I see the biggest problem lying – someone selling parts to make a buck and another to help someone. At parts-ring we want to help. No, not all sales people are out there to make a quick buck – the best of the bunch are those that know the industry. They can be extremely helpful and and having a broad spectrum of sellers on your books is invaluable in any industry.

So when running a garage sale and you know you can help someone, advertise here on Tradestuff. Mail us if need be and we will list it for you – for free.  We do not advocate that you do not make money, there’s just too many people out there pulling a fast one and the general public know this – be honest and upfront about any sale. Good positive feedback is what we want – you do the rest. The general public are also often naive. Being helpful to one another brings out the best in all of us. Buyer’s remorse does not. In the search for any obscure auto part is negative – do it here.

The solution

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