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FIFA Round of 16

Well blow me down, I would have loved to see New Zealand listed here. Here’s a country that is without argument the world’s powerhouse of rugby, football a distant cousin but yet they played some of the most impressive games in the world cup that I can only hope for more in time to come. I am sure that in the not too distant future many of their players are going to be snapped up – I say many of them and not single out their goal keeper, Mark Paston, whom was unbelieveable in his performance, but because these guys played as a team. And a glorious team. If they had just one win they would have been through – I think from a nation that are possibly the best rugby players in the world,  they are now a nation that can be very proud of their team’s performance – definitely the best of the Tri–Nations (Australia, South Africa and NZ). Ranked amateurs and part-timers coming into the game two weeks ago they are now having the last laugh. My wish is to see them hit the quarter finals in 2014. 10/10 for rock steady performance, 10/10 for team work and 10/10 for credibility.

New Zealand captain Ryan Nelsen’s own international future is uncertain after their FIFA World Cup exit but he is sure his country will go from strength to strength. Read more….

Here’s a list of the dates, teams playing and the results:

Date Time Country Score Country Score  
26/06 14:00z Uruguay  2 Korea Republic  1  
26/06 18:30z USA  1 Ghana  2  
27/06 14:00z England  1 Germany  4  
27/06 18:30z Argentina  3 Mexico  1  
28/06 14:00z Netherlands  2 Slovakia  1  
28/06 18:30z Brazil  3 Chile  0  
29/06 14:00z Paraguay  0 Japan  0  Penalties 5:3
29/06 18:30z Spain  1 Portugal  0   
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