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FIFA Quarter Finals

What a lift off!  I’m in South Africa. The favourites lose to the Dutch. Brazil 1, Netherlands 2.  What did I say, What did I say? The Dutch, always rumoured to be the losers when it came to the last games because of in-house fighting, petty squabbling and ego played the Brazilians at their own game.  Did the Brazilians actually think that they’d take the game when they were 1 up at half time.  Over-confidence is a killer.  I certainly hope that the weather holds out in Cape Town for their clash with the Uruguas on the 6th. The weather is notoriously miserable at this time of the year – we want to see a clash here that no one will ever forget. I put my money down on the Dutch here to beat the Uruguas. My favourites to win the title: The Dutch or the Argetinian side.

The game to watch this week-end is obviously the Argies versus the Germans. The Germans, a young squad that absolutely squashed the English last weekend are formidable opponents – will their tactics pull them through to the finals?  Yes, there are the die-hard Spanish fans that want to see their team in the finals and many fans were looking forward to a clash of the titans, the Spanish versus the Brazillians but sadly it was not to be. The Dutch versus the Germans?  That would be interesting but I don’t think so. At this stage anything can happen, the mighty Brazil has fallen – will the Argentina side take the crown? Today I think the Argentinian side is going to be up against their most formidable opponents of the tournament but I think they’ll do it.  The Germans seem to play very well under pressure – this what this match is going to be all about. They aren’t going in there with miles of confidence. If they beat the Argies, they will play the Dutch in the finals. If they don’t win, who knows – but I do think the Dutch deserve the number one slot on the podium the way they played yesterday.

Date/Time Team Score Team Score  
02/07 14:00z Netherlands 2 Brazil 1  
02/07 16:30z Ghana 0 Uruguay 0 Penalties 4:2
03/07 14:00z Germany   Argentina    
03/07 16:30z Paraguay   Spain    
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