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The features found on Online Parts International / parts-ring.com are many.  We have an advertising board, forum, a business listing and of course the service provider module which allows customers to link up to service providers. An additional advantage of this system is a star rating system which allows customers to rate their service provider.


Click on the image below to get the provider dashboard.  Depending on whether there is a requirement for ID check or not the sign up process is quick. Identification check may take up to two days. This system is not fool proof so parts-ring does not carry any responsibility for users not doing their own checks which must include verifying telephonic and physical address of both customer and/or providers. If in doubt do not employ the services of provider or call on the customer.

Providers - Action Required

Providers – Dashboard – Action Required

Time and Availability 

The dashboard has numerous fields / entry points which includes working hours and availability times.  If the provider is utilising only the service finding module as the core to his or her business diary it is important to familiarise yourself with the content.

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