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Electronics Stores – getting Durban on the map

Electronics Stores – Durban

Recently having moved from Cape Town to Durban I have been rather surprised at the lack of electronic stores.  This especially in a region where we have predominantly Indian youngsters whom gravitate towards electronics and IT in general.

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We have listed three new but well established stores in the Durban area, Candi and Protec (also known as DIY Electronics) and Audio Mart, suppliers of professional audio equipment.  We include AV Supply in the Cape Town, Canal Walk area. I recently purchased from all of these stores except Candi and can thoroughly recommend their good quality of service.

  • AV Supply – for all your converter and networking solutions. Great pricing on 4 – 1 HDMI switches with digital / analogue out.
  • Protec / DIY Electronics – Arduino and 3D printing, electronic components. Also affiliate to PQSound.
  • Audio Mart – professional audio gear at great prices.

Johannesburg and Cape Town

Johannesburg and Cape Town are two of the larger cities in South Africa and although it’s not a surprise to find Johannesburg having the bulk of the DIY electronic stores, Cape Town has been no slouch. Always check as to physical address – I do not like to shop from an IP address alone. There needs to be a walk in facility or at least a land line telephone number. Cell phone numbers associated with satellite companies leave me rather anxious.

Some previously listed stores, Communica, Yebo and Mantech are all very well established and found in both Johannesburg and Cape Town.  I would not be surprised to find a business model similar to Yebo doing very well in Durban.

Many electronics stores and smaller hobbyist shops are founded out of passion and although the intent is to make a profit they often provide a service which the public doesn’t fully understand. Going online does give a larger footprint and in a country like South Africa where mathematics and science takes a backseat we should embrace these stores. Because after all, electronics is all around mathematics and science.

Readers are encouraged to comment and give us a list of their favourite electronics stores in South Africa. As they provide a service so should we drive business to your favourites of the bunch. As South Africa needs more entrepreneurs in the electronics field, these stores may hold the answer.

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