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Drunk Driving and Crime Prevention

Drunk Driving and Preemptive Measures

Interesting to note that again our South African drivers have come under scrutiny, esp. with 1100 people killed since the beginning of the 2010/2011 season. We have the roadblocks, we have the police and we have full support of government and the Lead SA campaign but still we have this carnage.

Drunk Driving - imbeciles under pressure.
A day in the life of (source – unknown).


Latest edition of the Sunday Times states the obvious – “Driver Attitude must Change”.  How right!  How long does it take before we realise that 25% of the people are on the roads driving a killing machine but are not amply qualified to even push a wheel-barrow from point A to B. There seems to be an age bracket which cause much of this carnage, besides drinking driving. The under thirties seem to be in the main group (strange to think insurance companies still target those under 25). Then to a lesser degree, I state this unqualified,  the over 60s possibly more so over 65 year olds.  There are many good drivers falling in the under 30s and over 60s but aggression seems to be the issue with the younger drivers and ineptness with the older drivers.  We hear talk of the baby boomers been still the best drivers. I wonder if this is really the case? I have travelled the world and to a greater degree I found the UK drivers to be pretty good. The Japanese drivers were the best.  This was a long time back. Have things changed?

Drunk Drivers - high speed mayhem
Another Taxi bites the Dust

In SA the intention is to stop drivers from getting behind the wheel after having consumed any alcohol.  What do most people do on a Saturday afternoon after having a few drinks and need to run a small errand to the local store.  They get behind the wheel.  If they walk they may get knocked over, so why walk?  All in all we need to start looking at the issues modern society faces.

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