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Advertisers should be persons or companies wanting to advertise their professional services through the community builder, classifieds section, a forum for follow up and general discussion or dropping us a line to the sales department whom will be more than glad to arrange for your website or company to be advertised. More importantly, we have a very simplistic way for your company to advertise – through our services module (logged in users) or through this URL directly,  and through a very simple log in process become listed within the Parts-Ring network as a sales representative to a category/manufacturer as decided by yourself, as an authorised service agent or service provider. This information, including your company or personal details in turn becomes available to the public – they only need to look at a category, drill down to a location and find the company or service they require.  The public need not log in to use this service.

At this stage we will not charge for any services we provide as long as it is only text based.  Any advertising required which will use extensive graphics can be discussed with our sales department through email.

If you are a professional person wishing to use the Service Network please feel free to become a subscriber or let us know of your advertising needs through

Thank you for your support.
Parts-Ring Marketing

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