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DbQwikSite Takes Off

 Lot’s of small irritations with V5 but then Gerald brought out their V6 – do go for the developers edition if your are serious about getting something more than basic off the ground. In version six again there are minor irritations – I don’t like Bing Maps because they lose a lot of authenticity in South Africa where I reside. I don’t like their lack of documentation again – Gerald sounds like an entrepreneur and not a programmer. Gerald get a specialist in for your documentation – seriously, why should one go on to your web forums and find out that the latest v6 program has been written but not the user help files.  I found nothing for Captcha, MVE etc – you’re still running part V4 and a little bit of V5.

Well to get to the chase, DBQS is fast and furious – if you have had previous knowledge of setting up for MySQL connection, possibly to an existing database, or you’re going to use MDB (DBQS uses MDB, don’t purchase Access), you’ll find the front end is very easy to set up and manipulate. Queries are typical MDB – very simple to learn and utilise. It runs fine under XP (Home as well), Vista and Windows 7 Ultimate ( no bugs as yet).  I think it’s very cleverly written, at this stage it won’t include you setting up your own Facebook site but I think with a lot more user input and God forbid, a little bit of input from one of their software engineers, here is a winner in the making.

Parts-Ring service/subscriber network uses DBQS and at the time it was more expreimental. We have a new guy working on this and guaranteed our new add on to the Joomla front end is going to be easy, great and fun.
See you there (we hope to have this running by the end of April).


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