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Our contact listing is fairly short:

  • Complaints, broken links and data issues (corruption or entries not accepted) –
  • Would you like to advertise here and don’t know how:
  • Are there issues with copyright (we certainly don’t hope so and if so we sincerely apologise) – it will be removed immediately on receipt of a take down notice:
  • Would you like a banner ad or catalogue listing on these pages – please contact us at

Note: Please remove the “to:” before each mailto address. Thank you.

Although Parts-Ring is registered as a dotcom address it is not a money making endeavour. In fact it runs at a loss – there are plans afoot to turn this around in the near future. If we do have any interested parties that would like to partake in a partnership agreement we are more than willing to look into this. We are particularly looking at the USA, Australian, South African, South American and European markets.


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