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Coega and Tree Huggers

Word has it that Petro South Africa is building an oil refinery in the Eastern Cape. Word also has it that the top players in the oil arena are all going to do their damnedest to find oil in this impoverished area. I wonder which one is true?

First of all I have it in good faith that many a tree hugger are up in arms about this. Alas! Not again. When Koeberg tried to shuffle off it’s mortal coil a years back the huggers breathed a sigh of relief. Little did they know that we have NO alternative structures in place to replace Koeberg. To date, and I stand under correction here unless we have found a major deposit of solar panels somewhere, nuclear is till the cheapest energy source known to man. That is, my learned friend,  Kilowatts per U$ Dollar to plan, build and run i.e. from drawing board to implementation. Yes, I am in awe of nuclear power stations.  Yes, I am also frightened of nuclear power stations, the last bastion of the colonial empires in South Africa because of their age and possible lack of maintenance. South Africa is also one of the last countries in the world to realise that we need more power because we have more people and more industry. Our supply commision has been pushing up their prices to combat inflation and more so their executives salaries.  The powers green are not happy with nuclear power stations, fossil fuels and Jeremy Clarkson. They say nothing of over-population, AIDs and road accidents.

PetroSA are to build a 400,000 barrel-a-day oil refinery – known as Mthombo – at Coega (Peddie, north of Port Elizabeth), in the Eastern Cape.  This should harvest an entire new breed of black entrepreneurs – all from the Eastern Cape.  Is this a good thing or bad?  Me, I am all for creating jobs and wealth. South Africa is exceptionally bad at this. In actual fact the only wealth generated nowadays are for those in government – the nepotists may balk at this but sadly this is true. From shack to R10M house in 48 hours.  Read it – “How to go from Shack to Wealth in 48 hours”,  available at Pendecko Books right now for only 1 barrel of crude. Our oil tycoons are climaxing right now as they join the new mad rush for oil out in the more northern regions of the fairer cape.  I love it – the more that move the more space we have in Cape Town. Sounds like a gold rush. Yes it is, dear reader. I can see the Eastern Cape being the new Gauteng. Think of Johannesburg 120 years ago. Think of PE being the new JHB.

I have it in good faith that there are, as we speak, energy exploration teams out in the middle of the northern and eastern cape regions  digging and scratching for oil and hidden solar powered generators, possibly from the Aztec era .  I have a well point at home that delivered no water until I came across this oft kept secret. If you water the area where the pump stands for at least 24 hours per day for a month the pump will recycle this water, keeping your garden and marijuana plantation in water for 365 days per year. I also have a plan for a car that has small wheels in front and large at the rear. With this car running downhill all the time it will run for ever.  And the best, currently under patent 361-007 Tanzania, is the electrical motor spinning a generator which powers the motor. It will simply run  for ever. Fascinating stuff!

Amazing Patent - coming to you soon!

 With everyone running around taking the stance of “this cannot be true” with regards to the oil exploration teams up north I often wonder if anyone is actually looking at the financial thermomenter. We really only do have two choices:  Go back to the bush or start looking at reality.  Our tree huggers have a point but then they must give us feasible alternatives. To date I have not seen it unless we move back to horse driven carriages (that’s cruel). Our energy hoggers have a point but spread the wealth.  The middle ground between these two will never happen.

Me, I think it’s too late to stop the greed.

I’m packing for Coaga right now.

Ciao – Your energy defficient scribe

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