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Calling all Parts

It may be quicker to search for a part at your local parts-broker. Well, what do we have? We have access to over 100 000 computer parts which I’m not bothering to promote because the web is alive and well in this industry.  Who needs a part for his old Grundig Radio? Or Furuno Radar? Or JRC transmitter? Or VW Beetle? Or BMW Bike? These are unique parts – hard to find but believe me if I tell you they are out there.

I think we need to be looking at the parts industry more seriously – the global village brings us together – get the part you need through an international centre like parts-ring. If you want to auction it go to our auction pages at hosted by Kazoo.  Bottom line is that there are just too many websites offering the services we offer – except we want it to be through a central body. By the end of December my main focus will be on swapping schematics without policing – there will be terms and conitions, sure but tell me – like in our Article on Titanium electrodes for your chlorinator – do you really want to pay upwards of 200U$ when it can be done cheaper? Do you really want to purchase a BMW piston for a boxer at 200U$ per pop when your neighbour is sitting with one?

Do you really want to look through the yellow pages to finally get a smelly plumber on your premises when you could be getting a Brad Pitt look-alike coming in to service your pipes? That’s for the ladies. Do you really want to get the Incredible Bullshitting Man selling you a computer when you could have a Meg Ryan or Catherine Zeta Jones lookalike with a brain? Actually, looking back I have been ripped off more often than what it’s worth. I don’t think RSA is worse off than the UK, the USA or even New Guinea. 

Let’s start by selling, buying and finding parts, oscure items and whatnot through this website. Let’s erradicate a bad trade-off for something of value. Let’s look at the amount of invalid and erroneous 404 searches you do and come to one conclusion – sometimes something is better than nothing.

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