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Build yourself a Turbo Charged Jet Engine

The title is a bit ambiguous but I suppose you came here looking for the plans to build a modified turbocharger jet propulsion engine. Me, I haven’t built one myself but I’m pretty much sure that over the next year this is going to be a project – it has to be, like all hopefully technical people I’m a fan of loud noise, rockets and the healthy whine of a jet engine.  I won’t post project files in this post for liability reasons but I will give you links that I found rather interesting. Lots of thanks go to the kind people that posted their projects on the web – many of whom like to remain humble but in my mind’s eye are mostly highly technical and creative people – some of whom either have a high degree of engineering acumen or God given talent.

Suck Squeeze Bang Blow

I’ll kick off by posting Mike Davis’s link here: Building his Turbocharger jet engine... Mike is also an astronomer and telescope builder – actually he seems to be equally at home in the kitchen as well his workshop – go here to read all about him at Mike Davis Publishing.

Salvatore Aiello’s website dedicated to the workings and construction of a jet engine. Great read and for the DIYer a great place to start. Full of pdfs and lots of information.

Really fantastic work by Don Giandomenico – His RC website and his project pages. The one thing that does stand out is the quality of build – frankly I am fascinated. This is no ordinary techno geek but a highly qualified individual and I speak no ill of other endeavours that one will see on the internet.

Very well built jet engine using 1000HP rated turbo charger. I’m adding this YouTube here to show the intracies of the wiring – also an excellent job BTW.

Another video, thanks to J. Woolgar:  Jumbo Jet /RB211-22B Backyard Run – this engine was used on a TWA Lockheed L1011 Tristar.

Animations of all makes of engines, including rockets and jet propulsion – Matt Keveney. Indeed, very nice work, get your creative juices flowing and visit this website.

Print me a Jet Engine using additive technology using 3D printing.

Making jet engines more efficient is no mean feat in these penny pinching time. Interesting article at Forbes on Louis Chênevert, Chairman at UTC (United Technologies).


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