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Bruno Mars – Fact or Fiction

Is this a Jackson a clone, a wannabe, an impostor, a falsetto being false. Listening to one of our local radio stations ummm about two months back I heard this guy Bruno Mars belting out a number which sounded oh so much like Jackson (Grenade), I thought it was. Shall I beat him to death in this article. Quite the contrary. We won’t have another Jackson. But the voice lives on. Oh, yes it does.  Bruno doesn’t have the higher registers under his belt but I think I am going out to buy his DVD – right now!  Does he even have a DVD?

I have three females on my mind constantly:  Beyonce, Rihana and Shakira.. It is a sexual mind game. They are all beautiful, they are all drop-dead sexy. They are all unbelievable artists.  Why those three? Ask 500 million men out there – I’m sure many of them will agree. Where does Bruno fit in here?

Stick around for the next 365 days.  Every country has their overnight sensations – living in SA we see them once in a decade.  Too many cultures, too many arguments and too much piracy. Watching pop idols makes my eyes sore.  And once you have voted you realise that in 5 years time you may have voted for another wash-out. I think Bruno is gonna make a lot of money out of the young girls out there. Like the three ladies making money of me. I’ll buy Bruno’s DVD when Hollywood do the “Life and Times Of”.

I somehow think that Bruno is gonna go a long way. Culturally he cannot lose.

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