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Best Car Engines - Ford V8 32 Valve

Best Car Engines – the top rated engines of all time

Best Car Engines – do these belong to best selling cars?

Before we submit a list of the best engines ever it is only fair to say that I am a big Ford motor fan so you may find one or two of their products listed here. This article is also biased towards the South African motor industry and well, to put it bluntly, here like everywhere else I would say BMW lead the pack from entry level vehicles to the more exotic. Beamers, Toyota and VW Polos.  And of course the Ford Ranger.

Best Car Engines - Ford V8 32 Valve
Best Car Engines – Ford V8 32 Valve

Modern car engines are very reliable. Manufacturers are also very much in tune with the local environment where a vehicle gets released – in most cases. The cars that we spend the most money on are sometimes the very ones which fail when we need it most. Roadside stops are embarrassing to say the least – especially where most vehicles I see in the emergency lane are Mercedes, BMW and Audi. Not all of them old models either. Maybe that’s why they have such excellent emergency roadside assistance.No, I kid you not, these are the brands I see most on the N1 going into or out of the city each day. I also know that many drivers of the more exotic vehicles will never be aware that they are heading for a breakdown because these cars are not supposed to breakdown. So to start – which cars do we never see on the side of the road?


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