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Bafana draws with Mexico

Bafana steal the show 11/06/2010 – Soccer City. Soweto

Worldcup infoAlthough the underdog Bafana started at a miserable pace, later to be described as “stage fright” by their coach Carlos Perreira I think it is fit to say that there wasn’t a South African not proud of their performance at final whistle.
Bafana is rated at #83 according to FIFA, Mexico in the top 20. See latest ranking.  Bookies were looking at a 1:150 chance for Bafana. With Vuvuzelas blaring throughout the game it’s apt to note that Mexico weren’t put off – they started at a horrific pace, nearly scoring the first goal within 2 minutes.  I’m not a football fan, since the Boer War incidentally. Many English speaking South Africans were forced into rugby as game of ‘choice’ and to this day I often fondly recall how much better I would have been at the game if I was about two foot taller and 40Kgs heavier. However FIFA is here with us and like any proud South African I offer full support to our home team. Yes Bafana drew 1-1 with Mexico, yes we could have won but the battle is fresh. Mexico showed their dominance because of their experience and for the South African team to have drawn shows their fantastic potential.

I’m not going to enter a tirade about Bafana Bafana until they beat Uraguay on the 16th. But I am going to say that the team did us proud. I was not expecting a win. I was not expecting to become a fan overnight.

I am this now.

Viva Bafana!

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