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Alpha Five Media Player

The A5 Media Player is a project I started out of curiosity – can one develop a workable DJ console from Alpha Five.  As a matter of fact yes. Those that know their way around the Windows Media Player SDK will be even more successful but the roots are here.

BTW if you do have problems with the zip file (11.5MB) please let me know via

Some things you should be aware of, so be cautious if you are using Alpha Five and require the files to run properly:

Alpha Five Media Player
Alpha Five Media Player

Read On:- Setup

a) I use Windows 7 with the lastest release of WMP (Windows Media Player) – I looked for the ‘About’ file but the Microsoft team are contageous in their wisdom – as we make things simpler we make things more difficult.

b) I use Alpha Five Version 9 – Developer edition. I have not added the run time files because I’m extremely intelligent – I want users to be Alpha Five users. Use version 9 and above to prevent problems.

c) A lot of what is in the application will answer questions running in the A5 FAQ regarding moving files, copying files, copying media and cpying URLs.

d) I am not a programmer but merely a novice. I see many programs written by programmers that should be novices.

e) This program does actually work – ask the right questions and I may give you the wrong answers but it does work. I currently use this player as my default player.

f) I added a DJ type console – many of you turkeys out there may wonder how to change volume settings on the WMP – it’s all there.

g) Windows Media Player SDK and MSDN help files are written by professionals. Do go there if you have an authenticated version of Microsoft. MSDN is absolutely superb – they pay their staff a lot of money to be superb. SDK here.

h) Alpha Five has gotten better and better as the years go by – they obviously also pay their staff a lot of money. Their latest version is 11. I don’t use it at present because money is not a privilege right now.


Use this application at your own risk. Do keep all your music files in one folder – try not to get your porn mixed up with the media because your partner or children may also want to use this application because it’s so brilliant. Alpha Five is NOT associated to and neither A5 nor Microsoft will in any way warrant the use of this software. By downloading this application usage will be entirely at your own risk although all effort has gone into making the player as troublefree as possible.

Have a happy new year 2012 and as I said – pass your queries on to me –  This is not my real job, I am merely passing this on to you if you love A5 like I do. I hope you create many more ideas – please pass them on to me.


Your scribe


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