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turntable reproduction - castle knight 1s and the LT-1200

Akai M8 test – Turntable reproduction

Akai M8 test – Turntable reproduction

Obviously the final test will be the recording of and playback of material but at this stage 7″ reel tapes are in scarce supply but have ordered through eBay from Netherlands 🙂 so will do a quick recording of the actual analog signal on a digital recorder, the Zoom H6. Hey how smart is that? Or should this be, hey this is an analog site you dumb schmuck!  I don’t really care personally – I also have the original PCM file which is 122MB.


Akai M8 turntable reproduction
Analog player – digital recorder (Akai M8 vs H6)

Excuse the makeshift connections, didn’t cause too much noise though.

turntable reproduction - castle knight 1s and the LT-1200
TT Reproduction through Tube Amplifier – Technics 1200 in the background..

Fleetwood Mac – Go your own Way (mp3)

A few things to remember here:

  • The turntable to Akai to recorder was via microphone, not through a line source.
  • I used alligator or croc clips to connect the TT to the preamplifier – I didn’t want to cut wires, so there will be some noise present.
  • The amplifier definitely lacks grunt into these speakers but then again these speakers need a minimum of 25W to make them sing.  Class AB EL34 35W would be ideal.
  • I tested the playback with monitor headphones and there was little bass. I deliberately had the tone control set at half way. The EL84 amplifier has very beautiful highs.
  • The speakers are definitely not designed for just a low power rating but they are fairly new – need to be run in for a while yet.

Overall I was impressed.

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