Buen día, Goeie dag, Siku njema Usuku oluhle, Usuku olumnwandi, Goede dag,Schönen Tag, Buona giornata, Καλή μέρα, Good Day In order to keep up with Mr. Jones and having two rather gormless websites spluttering through the day I decided to post something of a collaboration, that being audio, parts and a very special opinion channel (yours, ours and mine). Nothing need be correct of course, think of it being like a politician crossing his T’s and dotting his I’s – hell this may even be a first like a politician in South Africa going to jail. So there you have it friends, in an ostrich shell – we cover my favourite things: Uno) Audio and Music Dos) Parts (now here is something interesting for you fella’s out there – do you think our scrap yards pull a fair deal or are they a rip off). Tres) Beer (and maybe wine) And that about sums up my entire knowledge of Spanish: “hola amigo tres cervezas por favor …” A turning gear on a ship is one which turns the huge diesel engine over prior to an inspection, starting and maintenance. Usually in port. Online parts International is hopefully going to be a platform whereby one can select your favourite channel, two being extracts from fairly popular websites the owner had over the last 4 and 12 years but hadn’t update in two.  In light of the devastation of the pandemic we try to bring a little relief to our daily struggle, try to wrap our heads around why everything is just so bloody expensive and my personal favourite, some great You Tube Channels, those little gems you may not always find. The Turning Gear Team