The intent of Online Parts International through the https://parts-ring.com website is to eventually be a listings portal for electrical, electronic, mechanical spares, moreover for old and not so easily obtainable parts.

A typical example of this would be for old valve, radio tube equipment. What happens to the old gear? Say I wanted to get my hands on a Marconi Morse key. How about a fuel injector for a vintage motor car. Did they make the fuel injector. Can one of the old timers lend a hand.

How about engineering notices, schematics, design papers etc. On the net there are so many avenues and a disgraceful amount of people trying to make a fast buck out of something which should be had for free. But look on the other side of the coin as well, a lot more people are looking for a freebie from someone that should be charging professional pricing. So it works both ways. We intend to correct this offset, we intend to have people onboard that will be fair.

Lastly, how will all this work?

This will be a “parts”blog and discussion website paid for by interested and participating business people and hobbyists buying and selling specialistic and some not so very specialistic spares, parts and accessories.