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2800W audio amplifier – link

Interesting website for various audio circuits can be found here.  ( Trying to load the link under the technical library came up with a spam error so we are posting the information here – the amplifier is significant in that is of a very simple design. When high powered amplifiers are of simple design it doesn’t mean that we can take chances – chances are that you’ll rupture the  output devices before the fuses like all electronic circuits. There is no current limiting fed off the emitter resistors of the power devices so if you play into a short circuit your lights are going to go out. Yours and the amplifier. This amplifier uses technology which is not new – it also uses transistors which in NO way will manage to handle currents at 1400W.  A word of caution: These transistors are 200W devices with a max Ic of 16A, so if you are typically sitting with a +70V -70V symmetrical power supply your max current into the 4 Ohm speaker is going to be in the vicinity of 18A which is over 1000W dissipation using I * I * R. Therefore if you are planning on pushing out this kind of power do add more output devices in parallel – this means more drain on the driver circuitry plus, plus, plus. So do the maths and be cautious. If you need a design where caution, good layout and engineering skills have been used then I’d suggest going to Elliott Sound Products, possibly the best website for tutorials, information and solid engineering advice.  There is nothing better than a simple design – just know the pitfalls. High powered audio comes at a price and this will always be around expensive mains transformers and loudspeaker drivers. If there is no protection you will burn a voice coil. If you overdrive a loudspeaker and you get the slightest hint of distortion be rest assured that the voice coil is starting to overheat. If one transistor in the output stage blows and you have no way of checking symmetry on the output the DC offset will damage the speaker before the fuse blows. Not wanting to sound like the Grim Reaper, do your reading and understand the dynamics of Ohm’s Law.

The 2800W audio amplifier is one of two mono block 1400W audio devices so it’s essentially NOT a 2800W amplifier but two 1400W amplifiers. Specs for the output devices can be found under the technical library – the component breakdown is as below.

T2_____2N5551 / C2240
T3_____2N5551 / C2240
T4_____2N5551 / C2240
T5_____2N5551 / C2240
T6_____2N5401 / BF423
T7_____2N5401 / BF423
T8_____2N5401 / BF423
T9_____2N5401 / BF423
T18____2SC2922 / MJ15024G
T19____2SC2922 / MJ15024G
T20____2SA1216 / MJ15025G
T21____2SA1216 / MJ15025G

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