The triple B factfinder’s column – Bullshit Breakfast Club Google has unwittingly inspired many armchair wannabes to become experts in most fields, specifically dominating the IT, mechanical and electrical engineering industries but having its origins we believe in politics. The ability to write well, stick a bun on the back of your head and behave with an […]

Autonomous Cars – embracing the inevitable Let’s face it, we all dream about it but know it can’t happen – a self driving car! Yet, this is on the cards. Mercedes, Kia, Toyota, Ford, Audio, BMW, Volvo, you name it, they all have a car which can drive autonomously. “Not on our roads though” say the authorities. […]

On the Edge – amplifier design Isn’t it frustrating to shop for the ultimate sound system on a limited budget. You see one, you hear one and that one on the next rung up always sounds that little bit better.¬† Fortunately we have good news. It’s all in the mind. Anyone being an avid reader of any […]

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