Can one live entirely off the Grid? Like it or not we have a world-wide shortage of power. In India and South Africa regular power outages have become the norm. Inverter and generator sales are going through the roof.  However, getting off the grid is not always that simple. Whilst generators burn fuel and make a noise […]

UPS and Generators (marriage made in hell) The harsh reality of many gensets used in the home is that they will enable switching between mains and battery of a line interactive uninterruptible power supply.  This will inevitably cause eventual shut down of the UPS when the battery becomes exhausted or low voltage is sensed. If your backup […]

Geek Speak and the Triple B In a previous article we covered the internet of things which to sum it up really means interconnectivity. Possibly using the TCP/IP protocol. Financial news correspondents love using phrases which are meaningless, maybe your broker as well. Fancy terms are either lost on the audience or just really means zilch to […]

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