[CAUTION: This article is in response to a reader’s mail. It’s a guideline – there many ways to skin a cat. We do not have nine lives – take caution. We will not be held responsible for incorrect wiring, circuitry and/or modifications that our readers carry out themselves. Always consult an electrician. It is highly illegal to […]

Inverters used in UPS

Inverters and UPS Buck, boost, invert, batteries and PWM – where does all this fit in? [Editor’s note – this article covers the emphasis of the use of inverter circuitry inside UPS systems. There are many different types of UPS systems available in the market, some only powered by a battery and relay, others by electronic switching, […]

Stero Amplifiers - the original Crown DC300A

Why do we still want stereo systems? Recently an elderly reader sent a personal email to us complaining about all the parasites chasing him at the AV stores trying to sell him a 7.1 sound system when all he wants is good quality stereo.  Well here’s the good news – he’s not alone. For pure movie extremists, […]

Power - the Safe Operating Area

Power Amplifier Kits For builders of electronic audio kits there is a plethora of stock been advertised either from the East or Europe. Whilst I am sure many of these kits are good quality, with a few exceptions, buyers should be cautious of the overzealous power ratings advertised. A case in point would be the ‘rugged’ design […]

The Internet of Things

The Internet or Nothing Is IoT another load of hype coming your way? Do you talk to your toaster? An interesting fact about the web over the last 20 years has been how it has grown to be the single most used tool along with the laptop, home computer or Smart Phone next to a light switch […]

Honda CBX 1000

A collector’s bike -the Honda CBX 1000 Like the first landing on the moon, the Honda CBX 1000 was as exciting and as intimidating. Sharing the road test in a local newspaper as a picture of Britt Ekland (I think it was 1978, my first big screen actress crush), both looked just so absolutely awesome. The CBX […]

Circuits - measure current through the Ampere Meter

AF, Video Amplifiers, Timers, Light Control, Arduino, Raspberry Pi Circuits Rediscover electronics as a hobby and link to this page for every circuit known to mankind. Unfortunately as we all know, links come and go, pages may become obsolete or links inactive without us having the time to amend. Also, most of these circuits have not been […]

Tools - Woodworking Tools

Tools – what to buy? Having worked both at home and professionally with spanners, screwdrivers, drilling machines, milling machines and lathes all my life there is no greater emphasis on you get what you pay for.  I won’t go into detail as to which brands to veer away from – there’s literally thousands, but do be cautioned. […]


OBDII Test – First tier diagnostics Intriguing to read about all the hype regarding onoard diagnostic testers and wondered how it went this way. One thing is for sure, the OBDII tester in the hands of an incompetent mechanic can do more harm than good.  It cost me $4 000.00 after a nugget of ingenuity, the chairman […]

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