RCF Ayra 8

RCF Ayra 8 – from pro-audio to prosumers We live in exciting times, none more so than in the pro-audio world. There seems to be a smaller line now been drawn between the pro and consumer market, many products now being sold as prosumer,  a little play on words but which has big impact in the audio […]

Chinese motorcycles – why the controversy? Not that many years back the Japanese brought out motor vehicles for the export market which were scoffed at by the press and general motorists. Toyota started selling so many that they started manufacturing overseas. They still do. Just like Nissan. Then came the Honda CB750/4 – every teen’s dream. Fathers […]

Generators - Deep Sea Control DSE 4420

Generators – what to do and what to get? With most of the first and third world energy problems raising it’s ugly head more just a few times over the last few years it’s not surprising that many are turning to alternative means of energy:  PV cells, batteries, inverters, grid and non-grid tied systems and the more […]

Advanced Motor Vehicles - the Peugeot HYbrid

Advanced Motor Vehicles – from ECUs to ADAS Modern vehicle technology has become increasingly more sophisticated, simple buttons and switches belie the complex analogue and digital circuitry hidden beneath steel, metal and plastic. In the 1970s CDI and electronic fuel injection were slowly becoming mainstream and it was not long thereafter that the Engine Control Unit became […]

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