DIY tube Amp kits, parts and accessories

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Tubes, Sockets, Transformers and Kits

For those wanting to build their own tube amplifier or looking for parts to complete a project please find below a listing of dealers and manufacturers of tube amplifiers world-wide. The business listing on Parts-Ring may also list these dealers. This listing may not be exhaustive – let us know via webmaster @ of any missing supplier.

Note 1: Parts-Ring is not affiliate to any of these companies. In our research the names of these companies came up the most in forums, etc. A company such as Marsamps in South Africa has appeared in Popular Mechanics and is revered as the top tube amplifier manufacturer in the country. If you are listed below please be so kind as to give your company fixed address to we can it listed under the business registration. Thank you.

Note 2: Some companies do not ship world wide. Shipping is hugely based on weight which makes it logical to first check locally for tube amplifier manufacturers. We are particularly interested in Russian, Dutch, Belgium and French suppliers.

Note 3: Do you have access to ex-military job lots? We will advertise your products for free on Parts-Ring.



Country Name Link  (copy & open link in new tab)
U.K. Affordable Valve Company
U.K. Amp Maker
U.S.A. Amplified Parts
U.S.A. ANK Audio Kits
U.S.A. Antique Electronic Supply
U.K. Aston Electronics
U.K. Audion
U.S.A. Boot Hill Amps
U.S.A. Bottlehead
U.S.A. Carl’s Electronics
Malaysia CeriaTone Amplification
Germany Das Musikding
Hong Kong DIY Hi-Fi Supply
U.S.A. Doberman Music Products
Netherlands Dr. Tube
U.S.A. Dynakit Parts
Australia Fred’s Amps
U.S.A. GDS Amplification
Canada Grant Fidelity
U.K. HiFi Collective
U.S.A. Hoffman Amps
Germany Jacmusic
U.S.A. K & K Audio
Canada London Power
China Mable Audio
Germany MadAmp
South Africa Marsamps
U.S.A. Marsh Amps
U.S.A. Mission Amps
U.S.A. Mojotone
U.S.A. Mojotone
U.S.A. OddWatt
U.S.A. TA Weber
Canada The Tube Store
U.S.A. Torres Engineering
Canada Trinity Amps
U.S.A. Triode Electronics
U.S.A. Tube Depot
U.S.A. Tubes 4 Hi-Fi
Australia Valve Heaven
Belgium Velleman Inc.
Canada VK Music
Hong Kong VT4C Studio
U.S.A. Watts Tube Audio
U.K. World-Designs

These will be added to the business listing in due course.

Go here for Tube – schematics


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