Starved Anode - running triodes at very low voltages

Current Vs Voltage in an amplifier using Starved Anode The electron tube or radio valve is a voltage controlled device with a very high input impedance and output impedance dependent on configuration of output mode, common grid, common anode or common cathode. What puts it sometimes “off-limits” to the casual experimenter are the high voltages used as […]

Electronic Marvel - high power and radio tubes

Resilient, Reliable but not eco-friendly – that’s the electronic marvel of the last and current century – the vacuum tube. Through the last 100 years the biggest breakthroughs in thermionic tube or valve designs were the multi-electrode devices, from triode, to tetrode to pentode and of course the multi electrode hex-heptodes. All of this was before the […]

Tube amplifier and add ons – Schematics Electron tubes or radio valves, whichever and whatever way you say it is becoming increasingly popular in the world of sound. Although costing more than their solid state brothers, by keeping to tried and trusted rules, purchasing with your head and not your heart you may be able to put […]

Tubes, Sockets, Transformers and Kits For those wanting to build their own tube amplifier or looking for parts to complete a project please find below a listing of dealers and manufacturers of tube amplifiers world-wide. The business listing on Parts-Ring may also list these dealers. This listing may not be exhaustive – let us know via webmaster […]

Tube Transformers - through eBay

Tube Transformers – Why you may stick to solid state. Many more DIYers are building thermionic tube amplifiers now than ten years back, possibly through hype or possibly nostalgia. They certainly have their place and in one area where they seem to be getting mass appeal are pre-amplifiers, headphone amplifiers and low power audio use in bi-amping. […]


The Sun was designed by a Dermatologist – the Tablet by an Optometrist Now that the World Cup is on us again, satellite and cable TV sales must be quadrupling which hopefully will see an increase in internet bandwidth worldwide – if you aren’t watching this on your tablet in real time. Frankly I am skeptical about […]

Tube Specifications - Valve or tube tester

Thermionic Tube Specifications – from Mu to Miller Going through the millions of audio equipment ads posted on eBay I’m surprised that China or Russia don’t start building new tube tooling equipment – it’s become quite evident that there is just no rival to the sound of vacuum tubes. From highly musical, ambient, warm, vibrant there is […]

Mr Valve …..
is a home based company that specialize in –

Hard to find valves and brands such as Philips, Mullard, General Electric, National, etc.
“Modern” tubes like, Electro Harmonix, JJ, etc.
Hammond Transformers
Porcelain, micalex and belton sockets
Capacitors: Mica, etc

All of the valves sold, new or NOS, are tested for emissions and defects with a AVO 163 Valve Tester.

All shipping is done via Fastway Couriers or the Post Office Speed Services. We also do international shipping via the South African Post Office.

We supply over 3000 different vacuum tube types, transformers, capacitors and sockets. Our inventory of vacuum tubes and radio tubes are all NOS / NIB and new production and are able to satisfy most tube needs.

If we haven’t got what you need, we will try and find it!

Asian Motorcycles - four for the price of one

Asian Motorcycles and does China make Honda clones There has been a lot of negative media regarding startups globally selling cheap Asian motorcycles and closing their doors either once the owner has made enough money or worse, none whatsoever. The failure rate of these imports was possibly a big culprit but one cannot get around the fact […]

Micro Tube - another major innovation?

Micro Tubes – Another gadget to add to our Audio It was just when we thought we had heard it all when I read an article in the Gizmag covering vacuum channel transistors (May 2012). Are they really a hybrid semiconductor valve? I thought it may have been an April’s fool joke but apparently not. A company […]

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