Repair clinic - repairfaq

Repair Clinic – read repairfaq, old but never outdated. Living in the digital age does not mean we have stopped thinking, breathing and repairing electronic equipment. A repair clinic for consumer goods or possibly any electronic gadget under the sun, is often every young person’s dream, possibly for their own ego but more likely, accepting a challenge. […]

Vehicle Theft

Beating Motor Vehicle Theft through Social Media If there is one thing worse than finding your car without hubcaps it’s finding no car at all. Motor manufacturers protect drivers and passengers with crumple zones, airbags and seatbelts but battle to find a way to protect drivers from being hijacked or owners, having their car stolen. It’s an […]

The iNuke 4 1200W Channel Class D Amplifier by Behringer

Behringer – Putting your money where it counts! While most audiophiles are interested in what steps manufacturers are taking to produce innovative products as we at Parts-Ring covered in two articles a while back there are others whom are fighting the war by dropping their margins and in the professional and semi-professional market Behringer is creating quite […]

Thrust - vertical take off and land aircraft

Thrust and Newton’s 2nd and 3rd Laws So many people asking how to convert thrust to horsepower or vice versa. Whilst a seemingly simple enough question, the laws of physics and the power of jet engines all follow Netwon’s 2nd and 3rd laws. The question is answered almost unanimously, ‘you cannot’. Well what really gives with this […]

MotoGP - the NSR500 engine

MotoGP – the 2nd most popular motor sport in the world! If there is one undeniable fact, MotoGP has certainly gained a lot of popularity over the last twenty years. Audience or spectator reach is one of the most important factors, along with the the charismatic riders, usually of Italian, Spanish or even Australian descent. The world’s […]

Motorcycle Gear - proper riding clobber for the motorcyclist is a must

Motorcycle Gear – Expensive riding clobber is not a luxury item. Although we search for the cheapest mode of transport for our kids all in the name of making them independent, parents have taken a frighteningly lax attitude when it comes to safety gear. No matter whether it’s a scooter or a moped; shorts, short sleeved shirts […]

I liked this company’s website – no frills. I have not used them but see for yourself.

From their about page:

We are an electronc component supplier, based in the Czech Republic. We are aiming to supply hobby electronics makers, at the lowest possible prices. Our components are a mix of new and Surplus components. If the Surplus components are degraded in any way (typically pins are formed / cut shorter than the new from the factory state (contract manufacturers do this for insertion to their customers PCB’s, but not all of them get used, thus they are for sale here. Occasionally component pins of surplus components may be tarnished, we will inform you of this in the product description (A quick run in sandpaper before soldering will remedy this)).

From the About Page:

Customer Focused Distribution

Mouser Electronics is a worldwide leading authorized distributor of semiconductors and electronic components for over 500 industry leading suppliers. We specialize in the rapid introduction of new products and technologies for design engineers and buyers. Our extensive product offering includes semiconductors, interconnects, passives, and electromechanical components.

In 2007, Mouser became a part of the Warren Buffett Berkshire Hathaway family of companies. Today, Buffett’s holdings include insurance and finance subsidiaries and a host of almost fifty businesses ranging from jewelry and furniture to manufactured homes.

Mouser has a strong commitment to customer service. That’s why we’ve won awards for our legendary worldwide customer service excellence. We understand the value of having a knowledgeable person there to answer your questions quickly. Mouser is redefining customer-focused distribution.
Mouser is expanding it’s headquarters due to phenomenal growth!

All orders shipped same day from 500,000 sq ft warehouse.
Connect with us through social media.
Worldwide Customer Service

Mouser is the only component distributor to consistently receive an audited award for Customer Service Excellence. With 20 locations located strategically around the globe, we speak your language (supporting 17 different languages) and are able to transact business in 20 currencies. This translates into the flexibility of not requiring a minimum order and same-day shipping. At Mouser, our commitment to unsurpassed service and support knows no boundaries.
State-of-the-Art Warehouse Operations

When you need the right part right now, think Mouser. Selection, speed, and accuracy are the core of Mouser’s state-of-the-art warehouse with sophisticated equipment enabling us to process orders 24/7. The wireless warehouse management system is streamlined to nearly perfect pick-and-ship operations delivering a 5-Sigma confidence rating, better than 99%. Orders are processed and ready to ship in 15 minutes in most cases, enabling same-day shipping on most orders to nearly 500,000 customers in 170 countries. It’s about doing what’s right for the customer, and that’s getting the order right and delivered on time every time.

Global Parts

The Non-Centralization of a Global Parts Network Register as user Register your business Although finding replacement parts, spares and components for any level of industry has never been simpler it has also become more time consuming to sift through the tons of data available on the internet. What has become very obvious over the last two decades […]

Audio Technology - from bad to worse or is it really better?

Vinyl and Audio Production in the Digital Age – Audio Technology There is something strange going around in this this little world of ours and this can only be put down to lack of innovation or is it imagination. Over the last century we had scientists clambering over each other to discover new techniques, methods, ideas, whatever […]

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