Shadow mask tube - first colour. 4K use LED/LCD and OLED Technology

4K Movies in the very Beginning The trend for videophiles to spend thousands of dollars until they get the perfect picture continues. Can the human eye perceive the difference between 1080p and 4k and now 8k sitting 10 foot away from the display? This has become one of the arguments against ultra high definition and therefore 4K […]

Display Quality is not all what it Seems Modern computer displays are so vastly different to the old CRT variety that it has created confusion amongst potential buyers. This article is not meant to tell you what display to buy but rather act as a guide. Often incorrect terms are deliberately used by sales personnel to misguide […]

VIN Number

VIN Numbers – why the secret? The Vehicle Identification Number of your vehicle is it’s personal ID and of course we don’t advocate anyone send in a picture of his car, registration and VIN number for security reasons but what is that which makes the publication of batch numbers so secret? There are countries which publish batch […]

VCR Technology - sophisticated machines

Consumer Electronics – VCR technology Open up any DVD recorder and you will be disappointed to find the lack of wires, coils, relays, power transistors, motors and springs, most are hidden or neatly packed away in little plastic slots. Digital technology is impressive but for the geek not nearly as impressive as the electronics and mechanics of […]

Greatest Inventions – Inspiration Vs Perspiration There are literally thousands of pages on the world’s greatest inventions on the web and chronologically most start with an incredible man, Leonardo da Vinci. Discovery’s ‘Doing DaVinci’ goes out to prove that most of his plans were well thought out, documented and furthermore could be fully functional over 400 years […]

PAVE PAWS -long range radar

 Long Range Radar, Early Warning Systems, Over The Horizon Radar   With missing flight MH370 being topic A at everyone’s dinner party these days it comes as no surprise that the press, plus a few learned individuals are crying out for an overhaul of our aviation communication and radar systems. Of course as most professional pilots flying […]

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