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About us
Our Vision

Adendorff Machinery Mart sources equipment from all over the world to offer the greatest range of products at the best prices.

The changing global economy is placing new and increasing demands on companies, and the market place is marked by increased competition worldwide.
Within this fast paced global economy, change is the norm. Environmental, social and technological change with the increased internationalization of business can only mean that long term planning is risky but absolutely essential.
Great quality products and supplying excellent service to customers is imperative. It is also essential to ensure that processes are in place for exceptional interaction throughout the business and creating a strong staffing group that would secure a company that competes with world markets.

In creating a strong staffing group Adendorff Machinery Mart believes in the development and implementation of Organizational Development & Training that is recognized for its ability to understand, conceptualize and deliver total solutions and to provide consistent, professional and long – term relationships with its customers and will assist in developing well rounded staff in all aspects of business

This is what Adendorff Machinery Mart’s vision is all about, and we pride ourselves in focusing on a long term commitment to our vision. Based on our strong commitment to our vision we believe that we place ourselves in a position whereby our decisions, abilities and actions will prove us to be a great market leader within our field.

Our Mission

Our ongoing commitment to our Vision starts with our Mission. Our Mission guides us towards the decisions and actions we take.

Supplying high quality products to the public
Ensuring excellent customer service at all times
Providing great value for money
Understanding our customers needs
Employing skilled workers that will fit in with our company mission and vision
Investing in our employees by understanding and providing training to their specific needs
Creating a strong workforce that operates as a team
To create a healthy, safe and enjoyable environment and atmosphere for both employees and customers

Our Achievements

Adendorff Machinery Mart is proud to announce that we have been accredited as a Training Provider through the Transport Education and Training Authority (TETA)
The Qualification and Unit Standard that we are Accredited to present is SAQA ID Nr. 242974 (Operate a Counter-Balanced Lift Truck); CREDITS 7/ NQF LEVEL 3
Our Learners assessed competent against this unit standard will be awarded with the relevant National Qualification Framework (NQF) credits.

The Training Program that we have developed has been evaluated and approved by the Education and Training Quality Assurance (ETQA) section of the Transport Education and Training Authority (TETA)
Our program is specifically designed for both novice and experienced learners who may be expected to operate a lift truck while performing their daily duties.

We also have our own Facilitator – Assessor and Moderator that has been suitably qualified after completing the relevant South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) Unit Standard Qualifications and registered with the Transport Education and Training Authority (TETA)

A word from our Human Resources Department:

“Our belief in that our valued staff are the reason why we are so successful; has been the driving force for creating a Training Department focused on providing accredited and other in-house training across our 18 branches to further develop and empower our staff to create a stronger, better skilled workforce that will enable us to better serve our valuable customer.

We therefore aim to enhance our Career Development Model of continuing to provide training, allowing for self-study and ensuring that a coach/mentor is introduced in each department, competent to assist employees and exposing employees to various situations to gain experience in developing their careers.” – Charl Keyser (HR)