Lowest maintenance costs through reliability

Maintenance Costs – keeping your car running without breaking your wallet. Nothing in life is certain except death, taxes and ridiculous automobile maintenance costs. While we cannot stave off the former two you can keep your wits about for the latter, your car running costs. All men like to drive either huge luxury cars, fast and slick […]

Rare Motorcycles - a sheep in wolf's clothing

Rare Motorcycles get top bids The latest edition of the magazine Motorcycleclassics brings to us the unbelievable selling price of a very rare Honda 750, in fact one of only four which were pre-production run shipped to the USA in order to promote and sell these beautiful four cylinder machines. A 1952 Vincent Black Shadow sold for […]

Water Evaporative Cooler

Are Water Evaporative Coolers as good as their claims? Three trains of thought from three different individuals, two of them ‘experts’ in air flow, refrigeration and air conditioning and one, a professional installer of a known brand. What they say about water evaporative coolers: Won’t work in our environment, too close to the sea and too many […]

Technical Jargon - RPM vs BHP

Technical Jargon: Much confusion amongst the different power factors. There are three common areas of confusion when one is caught up in the world of electronics or the auto trade: Shaft, BHP,  Horsepower and Torque Peak Music Power, RMS Power, Continuous Power VA ratings compared to Watts In the real world most of us mere mortals don’t […]

Engine Parts - shopping properly

Engine Parts – why the big deal? Over the years the biggest advancement seen on the internet is social interaction and marketing and while big name brands such as Toyota car, Honda motorcycles and Texas Instruments have a significant online presence it has become quite difficult to sift through the mountains of online stores which supply either […]

Error Code 0x8007042c

What to do in the event of not being able to switch your Windows Firewall On or Off – error code 0x8007042c I was not even aware that I had a problem until Windows told me that my system was not firewall protected. I have used the following spyware and anti-virus software with great results: Avast – […]

Digital Signal Processing

Digital Signal Processing – is it necessary in audio amplifiers? The long and the short of it is no. For most professional audio engineers they can get the same result from a free standing unit which can also be rack mountable. I don’t use one, possibly as a result of using one a few years back which […]

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