Switch Mode

Switch Mode Power Supply Design The beginning… Fast switching power supplies have been with us for possibly a hundred years but it’s only now recently that these power supplies are starting to become very popular as design trends have made them more reliable and cost effective than every before.  With the high prices of copper and steel […]

Ford Essex V6

The Ford Essex V6 2.5L and  3L 60° Power plants for motor vehicles get manufactured in their thousands but few remain a household name. This page is a tribute to the Ford Essex 2.5L,  3.0L and the race tuned 3.4L Cosworth DOHC V6 engines. What puts these engines in the top ten of my list is a) the […]

Science on the Web – Tomi Engdahl Continuing in our weekly series of Science on the Web, this week’s honours go to Tomi Engdahl. One thing that should never surprise one is the tendency of great web masters (like previous article on Rod Elliott) to keep it straight and simple.  I have been reading Tomi Engdahl’s articles […]

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