Science on the web - the black box

Science on The Web – The Jindalee Radar System, Dr. David Warren and Rod Elliott of Elliott Sound Products(ESP) Secret Seven to Isaac Asimov Remember ‘The Famous Five’, ‘The Secret Seven’, ‘Big Ears’, ‘PC Plod’, ‘Biggles’, ‘The Hardy Boys’, ‘Nancy Drew’, moving on to science books, inventions, famous people, Encyclopedia Britannica.  Chances are that if you are […]

NAD 7100

NAD 7100 Repair – Continuation   As mentioned in a previous article we will break down the 7100 here and explain it’s workings, hopefully to make trouble-shooting easier. Caution: This column has been written for those savvy in electronic repair, those knowing the difference between voltage, current and resistance. High voltages, such as used in the 7100 […]

Repairing Vintage Equipment - AVO 8

The opening… Repairing Vintage Equipment – Radio Tubes and Valves We recently received a mail from a reader whom asked us what the procedure (self-repair) was if they had received a valve amplifier which was faulty but needed to conduct a repair – what to do, where to go and as a last resort, how to repair. […]

NAD 7100

The NAD 7100 amplifier/receiver The NAD 7100 is a very underated receiver/amplifier and often a collector’s item if you can withstand the pain of restoring the receiver/amplifier to it’s original shape and sound. There’s quite a few chapters on the web devoted to this unit and not to be outdone I have decided to have a look […]

Repairing Audio Amplifiers – All that interest! There must be thousands and thousands of pages on the web covering the repair of audio amplifiers, most often pointing in the direction of a specific make and model but yet audio amplifiers, as sophisticated as some of the circuitry leans towards is not normally out of the DIYer’s grasp for most […]

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