First we had Magnum PI and now we have Raspberry Pi.  This is our own PI account of the Raspberry Pi – nothing new when it comes to comparing performance to competitive units of similar processing power but very much new when it comes to straight value.  The Raspberry Pi’s WOW factor is of course it’s price […]

Zany audio circuits - a class C amplifier - source Elektor 1974

Common and hopefully zany audio circuits 1970s Designs In the quest for building things quick and cheap here is a list of some of our Parts-Ring all-time favourites including links to websites with interesting information. Some of these circuits are really old and if we have plagiarised content we apologise up front – please drop us a […]

Class D - audio amplifier classes

A Lazy Day with Class D on the Brain With nothing to do last Sunday I decided to do some research on class-D audio amplification development over the last five years. For those new to or to electronics you’ll at some or other stage come across this classification and whilst it boasts all the bells and […]

Counterfeit semiconductors With China being the largest consumer electronics goods exporter, with South Korea no doubt sitting somewhere close behind it’s not surprising to see a huge growth in export of semiconductors globally.  Research statistics are confusing as much of what is read on the net is either old or ambiguous. If we stick to what we […]

Electronic workshorse - commpn components

Electronic Components –  Real Workhorses and Gems Through the years there have been a number of electronic devices that have been used and abused in circuit making – hopefully some of the ones mentioned in our article will bring back fond memories. In the likelihood of some frustrated reader wanting to add in his or her own […]

There’s a lot being said about high end audio but how does one separate fact from fiction?  Having spent the better part of two days browsing through websites which are supposedly either selling high end audio or are advocates of high end audio (critique) I’m rather more confused now than ever. To put it straight, if your […]

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