Recently I wrote a column for a site which specialises in audio repair and did some research on randomly selected forums which covered same.  Sadly, much of the information is misleading and for a novice, this could cause more damage in the long run.  This article hopefully will set the record straight. I’m prone to rambling but […]

The computer power supply is generally a switching device called a SMPSU or switched mode power supply. The a.c. is rectified and then chopped, the pulse width driving the circuitry being longer when the load is higher. These power supplies are more efficient than linear power supplies, cheaper to build in large scale and with modern technology […]

The dreaded surface mount device has been around for ages, love it or hate it it’s here to stay. I actually learnt some tricks from a very large computer motherboard repair company which actually relied more on your skill with a soldering iron than expensive tools to work on these boards. Like all craftsmen, one can blame […]

Steam Engines – Part One: Links to models and other Trivia The steam engine has always been a marvel to most people. Incredible torque from standstill but also pulling Goliath locomotives to well over 100 m.p.h.  The first engine powered locomotive was developed well over 200 years ago. What makes them so special?  What is the secret to their […]

Recently I was on the hunt for an oxy-acetylene kit. I found most of the hardware stores kept units which were for the DIYer, which is really no problem except I don’t know how long it will last in the cylinders provided, usually propane or MAP/Pro and I couldn’t make out what was actually in the cylinder. […]

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