The two previous articles on how we have changed our way of thinking when it comes to project building in the electronics field is relevant here. We now find it easier to purchase a completed product, for instance a controller and a switched mode power supply because it is cheaper and neater than a home manufactured product. […]

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The Evolution of Electronics If you read my previous article “Bringing Old-Style Electronics Back” you will note the reflection on old style values we place on modern electronics – gone are the days of just using a soldering iron and general sucker to remove components or conduct a repair using a few simple components. We no longer […]

This is one subject which is oft brought up when speaking to any of the over 40s club. Does it really have merit – we live in the digital age and so what? What do you mean anyway? Can we mate old styled electronics to our newer brethren?   Modern is to Trash Well, anyone with a […]

The title is a bit ambiguous but I suppose you came here looking for the plans to build a modified turbocharger jet propulsion engine. Me, I haven’t built one myself but I’m pretty much sure that over the next year this is going to be a project – it has to be, like all hopefully technical people […]

It’s becoming really laughable these days – and maybe back then as well.  Go back to your youth, mine was in the 70s and 80s. I was a biker. The fastest bikes in the 70s were the Kawasaki two strokes, the 900cc four stroke, the Suzuki GS 1100, the Honda CBX etc, etc. There was never any […]


The QR25 engine – is it really better than the SR20? Some say no. Some say yes. See below: The link to the item above is that of an eBay item: Have you had your QR25 engine replaced recently? Maybe a while back? Nice engine or a dodgy piece of design?  The forums are full of […]

Rather overwhelmed by the lack of model kits, spares and accessories through eTailers or shops with web presence in your country? You won’t be the only one. Recently a search for model shops in South Africa brought up surprisingly few businesses with a web presence although they are there – one just needs to hunt. Of course […]

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