Just as R.M.S, a term used in electrical power measurement is often incorrectly used, the correlation between torque and HP or Kilowatt is often misunderstood. A colleague in the motor industry mentions that at least 40% of his clients pass on information which they have ‘overheard’ when purchasing new camshafts without understanding the true role of both […]

Jet Engine - General Electric GEnx on 747-8I prototype

Jet Engine mounts – that incredible wing! There is much said about the Germans and English (esp. Frank Whittle) with regard to the jet engine but very little in line with the airframe and designs used in conjunction with turbine propulsion. Passenger and cargo aircraft with amazing power and lift hold most of us in awe and […]

Inspired by a thread in the Science Forum on the comparisons between solar, wind and nuclear I notice there is no clear winner when it comes to implemenation. While they all have their own positives they also all have their own negatives. While we sit and ponder about our current problem¬† one thing becomes abundantly clear – […]

I don’t think there is a hardcore motorcyclist out there that hasn’t had his favourite ride. Most tend to exaggerate performance and most will lean towards the faster bikes. Like the tales of the fishermen bikes tend to become faster and faster and meaner and meaner as the beers flow but one thing will always be apparent, […]

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